Bazoo Toilet Paper Review: Best Bamboo Toilet Roll?

Are you trying to find out how good Bazoo toilet paper is? Are you wondering if Bazoo really is sustainable and tree-free? How is this impact-first toilet roll company doing it?

My personal Bazoo toilet paper review will answer all of these questions. 

In a hurry to find out? 

The bottom line (excuse the pun) is that Bazoo is a plastic-free, sustainable toilet roll business that cares about our environment. They’ve produced a very good quality toilet paper product that’s not only strong and soft, but helps you to reduce your carbon impact too. For me, it’s a win-win situation. 

So, for eco-conscious consumers who value sustainability, Bazoo is a great product for you.

So, stick around as we discuss Bazoo toilet paper further and the sustainability credentials behind the company. 

Best Value For Money Bamboo Toilet Paper
Bazoo Bamboo Toilet Paper

Bazoo is a plastic-free, sustainable toilet roll company who care about our environment. The Bazoo toilet paper is high quality, soft and strong and comes with an excellent cost per sheet price.

  • High quality product - Soft and strong
  • FSC sustainable bamboo
  • Great value for money
  • Completely plastic free
  • No chlorine bleach or chemicals
  • Wrapped and unwrapped options
  • Raw material from China
Discount Code: TINYECO - for 10% off
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Who are Bazoo?

Bazoo is a small UK start-up who make eco friendly toilet paper. Bazoo was founded in 2021 by Sanmarie Grobler and Tom Trow. They both met at university and wanted to start a business with impact to help protect our planet. I’ve spoken to Sanmarie and she’s great.

After learning about the 27,000 trees cut down every day to make traditional toilet paper, Sanmarie and Tom decided to take action. They settled on producing a more sustainable type of toilet roll to provide a solution to the unnecessary deforestation. 

Fast forward just over two years, and Bazoo are creating toilet rolls made from 100% FSC-certified bamboo pulp, using zero plastic packaging and reducing carbon emissions associated with toilet paper.  

Product Details: What’s Bazoo toilet paper like?

I was sent a little sample package of Bazoo toilet paper. I received two bamboo toilet rolls inside a nice, little cardboard box. One was unbleached and the other was wrapped and white (non-chlorine bleached). 

Here’s what I thought. 

bazoo toilet paper box

Unboxing and First Impressions

First up, I was impressed with the cardboard packaging. Simple and sustainable, just how I like it. 

When I opened the Bazoo toilet roll package, I was greeted by the bright red wrapper covered in tigers. 

Why tigers I thought? Then I was reminded about the role Bazoo and other bamboo toilet paper companies help to play in terms of reducing deforestation associated with producing virgin paper pulp.  

I understand the use of wrappers. For example, in cafes and business premises, wrappers protect the rolls and lend some strong brand marketing too. But at home, I don’t think wrappers are always necessary. Bazoo have thought of this and provide both wrapped and unwrapped, which I think is a great move. 

All of the packaging is made from recycled materials. The wrappers are made from recycled paper and the cardboard is recyclable – even the toilet paper inner cores. 

Even the extras have been thought about. The inks Bazoo use are compostable, soy-based inks and the packing tape is paper-based. Excellent moves.

bazoo bamboo toilet paper wrapped

Texture and Durability

Bazoo’s toilet paper is soft, thick and strong. I don’t think you could ask for too much more really? 

All of my family agreed and were very happy with the product – even the sustainable toilet paper sceptics!

The Bazoo toilet rolls are made to a luxurious 3-ply thickness and are double length. If you unravel each roll (please don’t) you’ll get to 37m! 

From other reviews I’ve read, other users are just as happy. In fact, Bazoo have an exceptional 4.9/5 review rating and 98% recommendation. 

Quality, softness and environmental credentials are some of the main reasons why people love Bazoo! 

bazoo bamboo toilet paper unwrapped

Overall Quality

The Bazoo toilet paper stands out for three things:

  • High quality and softness
  • Strong sustainability focus – Environmental and animal conservation 
  • Good value for money (cheaper than Andrex and Who Gives A Crap)

Additional Bazoo benefits

With Bazoo, you have the additional benefits of:

  • Hypoallergenic rolls
  • Totally chlorine bleach free
  • 100% FSC certified sustainable bamboo
  • Zero plastic
  • Small UK start-up
  • No chemical dyes or inks
  • Extra long rolls 
  • Soft 3 ply thickness

Bazoo Products

At the time of writing, Bazoo sell four main products:

The toilet paper gel is a relatively new product and a great idea. It’s used as an alternative to wet wipes. In general, baby wipes are not good for the environment at all, although eco friendly baby wipes do exist which are better.

bazoo tree free sustainable toilet paper

Bazoo’s Environmental Impact

Any product is created with a number of key touchpoints. 

First there’s the raw materials, then the manufacturing process and location, followed by transportation. There’s no getting away that creating any product has some form of impact. However, this environmental impact can be greatly reduced depending on how you go about production and the materials used. 

Let’s take a closer look.


Bazoo toilet paper is tree-free. This is because it’s made from 100% FSC certified bamboo pulp. If you didn’t know, bamboo is a fast-growing type of grass that comes with many sustainability benefits including: 

  • Grows quickly and can be harvested more frequently than traditional tree sources
  • Requires less water and fewer pesticides to grow
  • Produces more oxygen as it regenerates, improving air quality

You can read more about bamboo sustainability here. 

The most sustainable of Bazoo’s products is the unwrapped, non-whitened version.

Whitening toilet paper is only done for aesthetics. There are a few ways in which toilet paper can be whitened.

One of them is chlorine bleach is is harmful for the environment. All of Bazoo’s toilet rolls are ‘totally chlorine free’, which is good. Bazoo actually go through a process of hydrogen peroxide TCF bleaching, which is generally better for the environment, although not perfect by any means.

Manufacturing location

The specific information about the manufacturing location is not available on the Bazoo website.

Almost all bamboo comes from China. This isn’t negative in its own right, but it does mean that the materials or product needs to be shipped across the world to the UK. I’ll look for clarification on this. 

One thing is clear though. All of Bazoo’s bamboo comes from Forest Stewardship Council approved forests. The FSC inspects the factories and employee welfare too, plus the certification is renewed every year. 

Sustainability initiatives

Not just content in producing a high quality tree-free toilet paper, Bazoo have taken several steps to reduce their environmental footprint and have a more positive impact on our planet. Some of the key sustainability points are:

  • Carbon emissions reduction: Bazoo rolls generate 65% less carbon emissions compared to regular toilet paper. Apparently it produces 30% less emissions than recycled toilet paper too. One of my favourite recycled toilet paper is from Serious Tissues.
  • Habitat protection: Every time a customer purchases Bazoo products, the company protects 100m² of endangered habitat in partnership with Rainforest Trust UK. This is great because it links the impact of traditional toilet paper with the deforestation and habitat loss that it causes. So far, Bazoo have helped protect 1.3 million m² of endangered habitat. Brilliant. 

The company’s focus on sustainability is evident in all aspects of its product, from materials to packaging and outside initiatives.

To go further, the next steps for Bazoo is to track and publish their environmental impact in a report. This type of transparency is what the top sustainable companies do.

Bazoo toilet paper species protected wrapper

Excellent Value for Money

The Bazoo toilet paper is very good value for money for what you’re getting. It’s a popular choice with eco conscious consumers too with over 23,000 customers so far. 

Handily, they share the cost per sheet on their site to make it crystal clear what you’re paying for. 

Prices will differ slightly depending on whether you make a one-time purchase or go for a subscription. With the subscription, where you choose how often deliveries are made, you’ll get 10% off each time. 

To give an example.

The Bazoo unwrapped 100% bamboo toilet paper and the unbleached version are both £21.15 for 24 rolls or £35.99 for 48 rolls. 

At 370 sheets and 3 ply thickness, this equates to 24p per 100 sheets for the 24 rolls and just 20p per 100 sheets for the bulk box of 48. 

This is amazing value for money. 

Let’s compare it to a couple of bamboo toilet paper competitors:

  • Bazoo priced at 20-24p per 100 sheets
  • Bumboo toilet paper is priced between 29-33p per 100 sheets – read my Bumboo review
  • Naked Sprout is priced at 24-30p per 100 sheets – read my Naked Sprout review
  • Who Gives A Crap is around 30-34p per 100 sheets – read my Who Gives A Crap review

So, Bazoo is the bamboo-based eco friendly toilet paper winner on price. 

If you’re wondering about non-eco toilet roll price, Andrex comes in around 33p per 100 sheets.

Where can I buy Bazoo toilet paper?

The best place to buy Bazoo toilet paper is from their website at We Are Bazoo. It’s here where you’ll get the best prices. 

Bazoo deliver all across mainland UK and aim to get your product to you in 2-3 working days. It’s free shipping for all orders over £10 (which should be most!). You can get next day delivery too.

You can get an even better price by using the discount code TINYECO for 10% off. 

Best Value For Money Bamboo Toilet Paper
Bazoo Bamboo Toilet Paper
  • High quality product - Soft and strong
  • FSC sustainable bamboo
  • Great value for money
  • Completely plastic free
  • No chlorine bleach or chemicals
  • Wrapped and unwrapped options
  • Raw material from China
Discount Code: TINYECO - for 10% off
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Bazoo Frequently Asked Questions

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