25 Best Online Eco Shops 2023 [True Ethical Shopping Alternatives]

Would you like an easier, more ethical way to shop online? Are you looking to reduce your environmental impact and make more sustainable choices?

Good job you’re here then. Eco shopping online in 2023 is more than possible. In fact, it’s positively thriving.

Whenever I shop online, I always try to source products from more sustainable shops. It’s not always possible, but most of the time it is.

One of my favourite eco places to shop online, without a doubt, is Ethical Superstore. I’ve used Ethical Superstore to buy loads of everyday home products, plus gifts for others too.

Yes, Amazon can be tempting for its sheer convenience, but we need to avoid using this giant if we want to shop with ethics and eco friendliness in mind. We need some real Amazon alternatives. That’s why this post is here!

The 25 online eco shops UK listed below sell everything from everyday household essentials, on-the-go items and cleaning products to clothing, cosmetics, gifts, food and more. They are all sustainable shops who care about the environment and people.

Disclaimer: This post does contain affiliate links to some of the eco and ethical online shops below. Any commission from these links come at no extra cost whatsoever to you. Any earnings are a small thank you and will be reinvested back into this website to provide more quality content and information.

Quick look: 25 Best Online Eco Shops

Best Online Eco Shop
Ethical Superstore

Ethical Superstore is exactly what it sounds like: a superstore of ethical, eco friendly products. Their mission is to find eco alternatives to everyday items. Think Amazon, but with proper ethics - brilliant!

Discount Code: TINYECO10
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you’re looking for a quick list of the best eco shops UK for your ethical online shopping and places to buy your goods, here it is.

You can carry on ready below to get more of a feel for what each eco friendly store has to offer.

My top 10 online eco shops UK:

  1. Ethical Superstore – use the code TINYECO10 for 10% off
  2. Oxfam
  3. Big Green Smile
  4. Friendly Turtle
  5. Planet Organic
  6. Wearth
  7. Serious Tissues – use the code TINYECO for 20% off
  8. Bower Collective
  9. Veo
  10. Cheeky Panda – use the code TINY for 20% off
soda crystals from ethical shop

Best of the rest eco friendly shops:

  1. Eco Sal – use the code BEN for 5% off
  2. Green People
  3. Natural Collection
  4. Rapanui
  5. And Keep
  6. Eco Kindly
  7. Ethical Shop
  8. Earth Bits
  9. Peace With The Wild
  10. Teemill
  11. Spruce Cleaning
  12. Partage
  13. Abel & Cole
  14. Frenchic Paint
  15. Ecomodo
stainless steel water bottle and activated charcoal stick
Activated charcoal stick from andkeep.com and water bottle from Global WakeCup

Top 10 Online Ethical and Eco Shops UK

1. Ethical Superstore

eco friendly washing up liquid
Eco friendly washing up liquid from Ethical Superstore

Ethical Superstore is exactly what it sounds like: a superstore of ethical, eco friendly products.

I’ve bought many eco products from Ethical Superstore in the past including eco friendly nappies, biodegradable baby wipes, eco washing up liquid and sponges, as well as compostable coffee filters.

Their mission is to find eco alternatives to everyday items, including home items, fashion, cleaners, cosmetics and baby products. Because of their specialism, many of the brands on their website cannot be found in high street supermarkets.

They have a great labelling and certification system for each product to make it really easy to spot the credentials at a glance. Labels include if the product is Fair Trade, Organic, Locally Produced and many more.

2. Oxfam

There’s a chance you’ll have heard of Oxfam, the famous high street charity shop who’ve been around since 1942.

Oxfam have also envisioned a kinder, fairer world and they were scored a very respectable score in terms of ethics by the Ethical Consumer magazine.

Oxfam has an online eco shop that sells clothing, second hand books and entertainment items.

3. Big Green Smile

From beauty products and natural shampoos to cleaning products, eco toilet cleaners and baby care items, Big Green Smile is one of the biggest online eco friendly shops and stockists of organic products in the UK.

They have around 6,000 products on their website, and all have been vetted to be cruelty free and environmentally friendly.

Combined with their great customer service, you’re bound to have a big smile on your face when you shop with them.

4. Friendly Turtle

Friendly Turtle are a zero waste online eco shop established in the UK in 2018.

From organic skincare, eco toothpaste and deodorant to kitchen items, on the go products and eco gifts, Friendly Turtle stock a large range of over 1,800 ethical items and sustainable essentials to make it easy for you to make an eco swap!

5. Planet Organic

Planet Organic is the UK’s first purely organic supermarket that started in London back in 1995. They are the largest chain of Soil Association Certified shops in the UK.

As well as their online ethical shop, they run 12 physical stores in the London area to support local communities and give access to high quality, organic food. Since 2018 they have been a zero food waste company.

All online orders are delivered across the UK in cardboard boxes made from 75% recycled fibres and padded out with recycled paper and compostable air pockets.

6. Wearth

Founded in 2017, Wearth aims to make it easier to shop with an eco-friendly conscious. Beauty, zero waste, homeware, fashion and gifts are all covered on their eco friendly shop.

They work closely with UK companies who fit in with their ethical values and put the planet at the centre of their ethos. Around 80% of the products on their marketplace are made in the UK.

7. Serious Tissues

Serious Tissues are an eco friendly toilet roll brand that I’ve been seriously impressed with.

Using local recycled paper and manufactured in Lancashire, Serious Tissues produce a high quality toilet paper product that my family have been delighted with.

They now also manufacture eco laundry detergent sheets and will soon be producing kitchen roll too.

Use the code TINYECO for 20% off

serious tissues 36 box

8. Bower Collective

The Bower Collective want to make simple, sustainable living available to all – something I definitely agree with. To show their environmental credentials, they are a registered B Corporation.

Their product range covers household items, including cleaning, kitchen and bathroom, personal care, as well as a great refill section. They’ve also developed their own Bower Standard that covers waste reduction, low carbon, non-toxic ingredients, transparency and effectiveness.

If you’re wondering, the name comes from the bowerbird, who collects scraps of colourful plastic for its nest.

9. Veo

Veo.world is an online eco destination which has thousands of products from over 170 independent brands. Their range covers fashion, beauty, food and homeware products.

Veo assess and approve all brands and products for their ethics. So, when you shop at Veo you know that they’ve met the 3 pillars of kind (for humans and animals), healthy (non-hazardous ingredients) and sustainable. They’re also a B Corp certified company demonstrating their care for the world.

10. Cheeky Panda

Cheeky Panda are a low carbon, sustainable shop providing kitchen products, biodegradable baby wipes, eco toilet paper and beauty products all made from bamboo – hence the panda link!

They want to bring more eco-friendly alternatives to the mass market in their cheeky little way.

All for a healthier and happier future for you and our planet. You can read up on how eco-friendly bamboo is here.

Use the code TINY for 20% off!

cheeky panda eco baby alternatives

Best of the Rest Online Ethical Shops

11. Eco Sal

Eco Sal is an ethical shop that wants to help you move towards plastic free living. They stock a wide range of household and on-the-go products.

Based in Hampshire, Eco Sal has strong values including that of animal friendly, vegan where possible and palm oil free. Products some packaged in a recycle paper envelope or reused cardboard box.

Use the code BEN for 5% off

12. Green People

Started in the late 90s, Green People is a family business and pioneering organic skin care brand.

They stock a wide range of organic skin care products, including for hair, body, plastic free sun protection and for enhanced wellbeing.

13. Natural Collection

Natural Collection is an online shop that stocks a wide range of eco friendly, ethical items.

Their range includes Fair Trade, energy efficient gadgets, organic food certified by the Soil Association Organic and local handmade gifts.

14. Rapanui

Rapanui is a sustainable fashion website with a real mission to change the clothing industry for the better using conscientious technology.

All of the clothing products on Rapanui are made from organic materials, powered by renewable energy and delivered in plastic-free packaging.

Interestingly, their production process involves producing orders in real time just seconds after an order is placed. No bulk processing means very little waste.

15. And Keep

And Keep, or &Keep, is a company devoted to helping you reduce the impact of everyday living.

They also offer a range of eco-friendly items, from kitchen and home, to on-the-go, clothing and eco friendly pet care. They pride themselves on being as plastic-free as possible, including all the packaging they send out which is also recyclable.

They stock some great products, such as stainless steel bottles and activated charcoal stick, including one I bought from there.

16. Eco Kindly

Eco Kindly are a one-stop eco friendly shop for all home, bathroom, beauty and on-the-go items founded in 2013. Their vision is to help shoppers support the planet and its people.

All products on the Eco Kindly website are non-toxic and are also 100% free from animal testing. Sustainability of all kinds is put at the heart of this business.

17. Ethical Shop

The Ethical Shop is an eco friendly webshop owned and managed by New Internationalist, a media organisation focussing on ‘socially conscious journalism’.

The Ethical Shop sells a range of items from organic and vegan to Fair Trade and recycled. If you’re looking to do some ethical online shopping, this is your place.

18. Earth Bits

Earth Bits is an eco shop all about buying less and using more. They are a family business run by Fran and Jason in Yorkshire who have a genuine care about sustainability and the planet.

The Earth Bits website offers a wide range of eco-friendly products – eco cleaning, soaps, shampoos, reusable bottles, food wraps and cling film alternatives, eco sunscreen and much more. Their shop has fantastic reviews.

19. Peace With The Wild

As the name gives a helpful hint to, Peace With The Wild are an eco-friendly place to buy sustainable products.

They are a family run business in Lincolnshire and work closely with small independent brands. They sell plastic-free and natural products for the home, kitchen and bathroom, on-the-go items, skincare and other cosmetic products. Their packaging is either reusable, recyclable or biodegradable.

20. Teemill

teemill start clothing brand

Ever wanted to create your own sustainable clothing brand? Teemill make it super easy!

Teemill is a new website helping you to design, produce and sell t-shirts, hoodies and other clothing pieces all unique to you!

Their amazing platform lets you create your own online shop, create your dream products and ship them without having to do any of the physical work yourself. I’m beginning to use them myself and I have nothing but positives so far.

21. Spruce

spruce refillable eco cleaning products
My Spruce cleaning kit

Spruce is all about making eco friendly refillable cleaning products!

All of their products are eco-friendly alternatives and non-toxic with no nasty chemicals. They have refillable starter kits, as well as multipurpose and bathroom kits. Spruce’s refillable bottles are made from aluminium, a highly recyclable material that will last over 100 refills.

Spruce are a pending certified B Corporation which highlights their stance on doing good for the environment.

I was initially sent some Spruce products, but I was that impressed I’ve gone on to buy more refills for each bottle! You can take a look at my Spruce review here or head straight for the website below.

22. Partage

Partage are on a mission is to make sustainable living accessible to all. They are a marketplace who partner up with sustainable shops UK that have been thoroughly vetted and verified.

Partage encourage their users to dispose their unused items via their platform in exchange for rewards.

23. Abel & Cole

Abel & Cole are a B-Corp online grocery shop who have been delivering sustainable veg for over 20 years.

From fresh good to pantry, bakery and even household cleaning products, Abel & Cole have built up a fantastic reputation.

Abel & Cole put a lot of behind the scenes work in. They work directly with farmers, help independent growers reduce their carbon emissions and are a firm believer in sustainably-grown food that’s good for our biodiversity!

They’ve also reduced unnecessary packaging and track their sustainability efforts with an annual report.

24. Frenchic Paint

Looking to upcycle or paint up some furniture at home? Want to do this in an eco friendly way?

Founded in Surrey in 2014, Frenchic Paint is the best place to pick up eco friendly chalk and mineral paint in the UK.

Buying eco paint means it’s been sourced and manufactured in a better way for the environment than traditional paint, and that it’s better for the internal environment in your home.

25. Ecomodo

Ecomodo is an employee-owned one stop sustainable shop. They sell a wide range of products from cleaning and clothing to jewellery and gifts.

As a company, Ecomodo focus on sustainability, reduced packaging and no unnecessary plastic.

Is eco friendly shopping a thing?

peak district green landscape
Buying from ethical and eco shops is a good way to help the natural environment

Absolutely, eco friendly shopping is here to stay.

People are becoming much more informed about the ethics behind the products they buy. This includes where the materials are sourced, if they’re bad for the environment, the working conditions and labour behind the products, and how the products are disposed of when they are no longer needed.

There’s a lot more to it than this, but the key point is that more and more people care about eco credentials and the ethics behind what they buy.

Eco friendly shopping is only going to increase and become more popular in the future. Places such as Ethical Consumer magazine are great to find sustainable shops and research into ethical brands.

There’s a balance between buying essential eco friendly items and pure consumerism with a green edge. But eco-consumerism (explained here on the eco glossary) is a positive trend. The move away from plastic, single use items and bad working conditions are more than welcomed.

Ethical online shopping: Where can you buy eco friendly products online?

There are now a number of excellent places for more ethical online shopping. They give you the option of making more ethical and environmentally friendly choices, delivered to your home.

The list of online eco shops below contain a range of businesses. From one-stop shops for all eco friendly products to more focussed outlets that specialise in certain green items.

Some focus on no plastic use or zero waste shops, whereas others prioritise ethics. However, all of the eco shops have something in common – they put the environment, the planet and people at the centre of their operations.

Bonus Eco Shops: Ethical books

There are a number of fantastic, ethical booksellers online now. From Better World Books to Hive, Wordery and World of Books. All are good ethical companies.

In fact, books deserve an article all to themselves, and that’s exactly what I’ve done. Have a read of my dedicated post to ethical online booksellers and second hand books. 

That should round up some of the very best online eco shops where you can buy your household necessities, gifts, clothes and other items with a clear, ethical conscious.

If you think any more online eco shops deserve adding to the list, feel free to send me a message.

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