15 Best Online Eco Shops in the UK (True Ethical Amazon Alternatives)

best online eco shops uk

Would you like an easy way to shop online without negatively impacting the environment or people?

Well let me tell you, it’s more than possible.

Yes, Amazon can be tempting for its sheer convenience, but we need to avoid using this behemoth if we want to shop from an ethical and eco perspective. They pay next to no tax for their earnings and have many other issues, including on climate change, the environment, pollution and worker’s rights. We need some real Amazon alternatives. That’s why this blog is here!

Thankfully, there are now many eco friendly and ethical online shops available in the UK for people like you to make the most of.

The 15 online eco shops listed below sell everything from everyday household essentials, on-the-go items and cleaning products to clothing, cosmetics, gifts, food and more. They are all sustainable brands who care about the environment and people.

green forest environment
Choosing an eco-friendly option helps to look after our natural environment

Disclaimer: This post does contain affiliate links to some of the eco and ethical online shops below. Any commission from these links come at no extra cost whatsoever to you. Any earnings are a small thank you and will be reinvested back into this website to provide more quality content and information.

Is eco friendly shopping a thing?

Absolutely, eco friendly shopping is here and it’s here to stay.

People are becoming much more informed about the ethics behind the products they buy. This includes where the materials are sourced, if they’re bad for the environment, the working conditions and labour behind the products, and how the products are disposed of when they are no longer needed.

There’s a lot more to it than this, but the key point is that more and more people care about eco credentials and the ethics behind what they buy.

Eco friendly shopping is only going to increase and become more popular. Places such as Ethical Consumer magazine are great places to find out how sustainable and ethical a brand is.

There’s a balance between buying essential eco-friendly items and pure eco-consumerism, but it’s a positive trend and the move away from plastic, single use items and bad working conditions are more than welcomed.

Where can you buy eco friendly products online?

There are now a number of excellent places online where you can buy ethical and environmentally friendly places to be delivered to your home in the UK.

The list of online eco shops below contain a range of businesses. These range from one-stop shops for all eco friendly products to more focussed outlets that specialise in certain green items.

Some focus on zero waste whereas others prioritise ethics, but all of the online shops have something in common – they put the environment, the planet and people at the centre of their operations.

Best eco and ethical online shops

1. Ethical Superstore

Ethical Superstore is exactly what it sounds like: a superstore of ethical, eco friendly products.

Their mission is to find eco alternatives to everyday items, including home items, fashion, cleaners and cosmetics. Because of their specialism, many of the brands on their website cannot be found in high street supermarkets.

They have a great labelling and certification system for each product to make it really easy to spot the credentials at a glance. Labels include if the product is Fair Trade, Organic, Locally Produced and many more. I’ve bought some fantastic Cafedirect Machu Picchu coffee and compostable coffee filters from here.

Visit the Ethical Superstore*

2. And Keep

And Keep, or &Keep, is a company devoted to helping you reduce the impact of everyday living.

They also offer a range of eco-friendly items, from kitchen and home, to on-the-go, clothing and eco friendly pet care. They pride themselves on being as plastic-free as possible, including all the packaging they send out which is also recyclable.

They stock some great products, such as stainless steel bottles and activated charcoal stick, including one I bought from there. You can use the code ANDKEEP5 for 5% off all products.

Visit the &Keep website here*

3. EcoVibe

EcoVibe are a Leeds-based eco shop who are passionate about making it easier for everyone to live in a more environmentally positive and conscious way. 

EcoVibe sells a wide-range of products including food and drink, cleaning, household, pet products and cosmetics. All packaging is plastic-free.

They are also partnered up with the Rainforest Trust UK where every £1 spent saves 6m2 of Rainforest.

Visit the EcoVibe website*

4. Planet Organic

Planet Organic is the UK’s first purely organic supermarket that started in London back in 1995. They are the largest chain of Soil Association Certified shops in the UK.

As well as their online eco shop, they run 12 physical stores in the London area to support local communities and give access to high quality, organic food. Since 2018 they have been a zero food waste company.

All online orders are delivered across the UK in cardboard boxes made from 75% recycled fibres and padded out with recycled paper and compostable air pockets.

Visit the Planet Organic shop here

5. Know The Origin

Sparked by the garment factory collapse in Bangladesh in 2013 which killed over 1,100 workers, Know The Origin founder Charlotte wanted to build a better system.

Know The Origin stocks over 190 sustainable clothing brands that cater for both men and women. They set high ethical standards and certified brands.

Visit Know The Origin*

6. Rapanui

Rapanui is a sustainable fashion website with a real mission to change the clothing industry for the better using conscientious technology.

All of the clothing products on Rapanui are made from organic materials, powered by renewable energy and delivered in plastic-free packaging.

Interestingly, their production process involves producing orders in real time just seconds after an order is placed. No bulk processing means very little waste.

Visit the Rapanui website here

7. Oxfam

There’s a chance you’ll have heard of Oxfam, the famous high street charity shop who’ve been around since 1942.

Oxfam have also envisioned a kinder, fairer world and they were scored a very respectable 12.5/20 in terms of ethics by the Ethical Consumer magazine.

Oxfam has an online eco shop that sells clothing, books and entertainment items.

Visit the Oxfam online shop*

8. Earth Bits

Earth Bits is an eco shop all about buying less and using more. They are a family business run by Fran and Jason in Yorkshire who have a genuine care about sustainability and the planet.

The Earth Bits website offers a wide range of eco-friendly products – eco cleaning, soaps, shampoos, reusable bottles, food wraps, eco sunscreen and much more. Their shop has fantastic reviews.

Visit the Earth Bits website

9. Natural Collection

Natural Collection is an online shop that stocks a wide range of eco friendly, ethical items.

Their range includes Fair Trade, energy efficient gadgets, organic food certified by the Soil Organic Association and local handmade gifts.

Visit the Natural Collection eco shop*

10. Peace With The Wild

As the name gives a helpful hint to, Peace With The Wild are an eco-friendly place to buy sustainable products.

They are a family run business in Lincolnshire and work closely with small independent brands. They sell plastic-free and natural products for the home, kitchen and bathroom, on-the-go items, skincare and other cosmetic products. Their packaging is either reusable, recyclable or biodegradable.

Visit Peace With The Wild

11. Eco Kindly

Eco Kindly are a one-stop eco shop for all home, bathroom, beauty and on-the-go items founded in 2013. Their vision is to help shoppers support the planet and its people.

All products on the Eco Kindly website are non-toxic and are also 100% free from animal testing. Sustainability of all kinds is put at the heart of this business.

Visit the Eco Kindly website

12. Zero Waste Club

Zero Waste Club is both an online eco shop and wholesaler of green products. The company was founded by Rishi and Pawan who are aiming to create ‘the most transparent, ethical, sustainable good company on earth’.

ZWC sells a variety of bathroom, kitchen, beauty and travel products. Each product has a full fact file on who made it, where it was produced, wage information on the makers and eco information. This is very cool.

Visit the Zero Waste Club here

13. Ethical Shop

The Ethical Shop is an eco webshop owned and managed by New Internationalist, a media organisation focussing on ‘socially conscious journalism’.

The Ethical Shop sells a range of items from organic and vegan to Fair Trade and recycled.

Visit Ethical Shop here

14. Wearth London

Founded in 2017, Wearth aims to make it easier to shop with an eco-friendly conscious. Beauty, zero waste, homeware, fashion and gifts are all covered on their eco shop.

They work closely with UK companies who fit in with their ethical values and put the planet at the centre of their ethos. Around 80% of the products on their marketplace are made in the UK.

Visit Wearth London*

15. Ethical Market

Ethical Market is an online eco shop that focusses on cruelty-free beauty products, gifts for all and homeware items.

They are proudly transparent and support fair working practices, ethical brands and those that care about the environment. They have strict standards on who can sell through their website.

Visit Ethical Market here

Bonus Eco Shops: Ethical books

There are a number of fantastic, ethical booksellers online now. From Better World Books to Hive, Wordery and World of Books. All are good ethical companies.

In fact, books deserve an article all to themselves, and that’s exactly what I’ve done. Have a read of my dedicated post to ethical online booksellers and second hand books

books on a bookshelf

That should round up some of the very best online eco shops where you can buy your household necessities, gifts, clothes and other items with a clear, ethical conscious.

If you think any more online eco shops deserve adding to the list, feel free to send me a message.

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