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12 Best Accessories for Shepherd’s Hut – Both Inside and Outside

shepherds hut interior pumphrey and weston

Well thought out accessories for your shepherd’s hut will turn it from just a wood panelled plain space into a wonderful, customised interior fit for your purpose.

It’s these extra features and furnishings that will really make your shepherd’s hut a special place for whatever you have in mind for the hut. Whether this is a garden office, cosy home retreat, work studio or have people stay as glamping accommodation.

A shepherd’s hut can be a very versatile space, taking many forms and functions. And it’s the accessories you choose for both the hut interior and outdoor space that can make the difference.

The type of shepherd’s hut accessories you can have really have no bounds, aside from the limiting factor of space of course. But if you’re worried about fitting in accessories and furnishings, such as a bed or seating area, kitchen and coffee machine or computer work zone, don’t fear! There’s plenty of clever moves and design tips you can make use of to ensure you have the essential accessories you want in your shepherd’s hut.  

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular shepherd’s hut accessories for you to consider. The accessories discussed below are in addition to the move essential parts of a hut, including the chassis, roof and cast iron wheels.

7 Popular Shepherd’s Hut Accessories For Your Interior

Let’s firstly take a look at some of the most popular additions and furniture for a shepherd’s hut.

1. Wood burning stove

top 10 ecodesign wood burning stoves
Read up here on the top 10 Ecodesign ready wood burning stoves for 2022

A log burner is perhaps the ultimate accessory for a shepherd’s hut! It both looks the part and provides a very useful function for your hut in keeping the place warm, especially during the colder months!

Being a naturally small space, it doesn’t take long to warm up. This means a small wood burning stove is more than capable of warming the whole hut up in a short period of time. The natural appearance of a fire in a cast iron stove also brings a sense of cosiness and rustic feeling to the hut.

It’s important to note that any wood burning stove must sit on a non-combustible hearth. Good hearth materials include ceramic tiles, stone, slate and concrete.

When producing a lot of heat, it’s crucial to keep it inside the hut. For this you need to make sure you have good shepherd’s hut insulation. This will keep you warmer for longer and also help to keep costs down over the long term.

From January 2022, all wood burning stoves sold have to be Ecodesign ready. Find out what Ecodesign ready means here.

2. Shepherd’s hut kitchen or kitchenette

shepherds hut accessories full kitchenette
Image: Look at this for a spectacular shepherd’s hut kitchen courtesy of Greendown.

A kitchen inside your hut may sound like a luxury addition, but it doesn’t have to be.

Some form of shepherd hut kitchen will add a great deal of functionality. If you use your hut as an office space or studio, you’ll be wanting a brew or an eco friendly coffee every now and again. For this a basic worktop, small fridge and small sink will be more than sufficient.

For those owners looking to take a slice of the thriving UK shepherd’s hut glamping holiday and quirky accommodation boom, you’ll want to add a fully functioning kitchenette so you’re guests have everything they need for a fantastic and comfortable stay.

More luxury huts will have kitchen accessories such as a microwave, more cupboard space, toaster, grill, all singing coffee machine, Belfast sink, electric stove top – anything you want really.

3. Armchair / seating area

A good seating area is essential for huts that are going to used more as a chilled out casual area. This includes holiday huts, garden retreats and even full-time accommodation for people to read a book, watch a film and generally relax in comfort.

Of course, space is limited so you have to choose seating carefully. A small comfy sofa works well, as do two smaller armchairs. You can even make use of a built-in sofa bed to add a duel purpose to the hut.

4. Fold down table / nest of tables

shepherds hut interior pumphrey and weston
Image (also header image): Great use of space and example of a small fold down table by Pumphrey and Weston.

Any practical space will need some form of table. However, with floor space at a premium, fitting the right kind of table into a hut can be tricky.

A nest of tables is a good idea as they take up limited space and can be cleverly used when the time is right and put back again. If you want to take up even less space on the floor then fold down tables are a fantastic choice. Hinged to the wall, these tables will take up no floor space and can simply be tucked away when not in use.

5. Work desk

bright creative office space shepherds hut
Image: Wouldn’t mind this as a work space would you?

If you’re looking to great an office space or studio with your shepherd’s hut then a more permanent work desk or table will be needed.

The desk is the heart of the office and without the need for a double bed or some practical living features, there will be plenty of space for a great desk – hopefully with a direct view out of the window to inspire you as you work.

6. Shutters or window blinds

For those looking for a more traditional rustic feel, then wooden shutters will be the window covering of choice for you. These look the part and can give a good sense of uniformity on the interior if matched with similar coloured wood panelling.  

If you want something a bit more cosy for a living space or holiday rental, then fabric blinds, Roman shades or Venetian blinds will make for brilliant additions.

7. Bathroom

shepherds hut interior bath plankbridge
Image: This shepherd’s hut accessory screams out luxury – full size bathtub!

Adding an en-suite bathroom to your hut is more or less essential if you’re going to rent it out as a holiday let, particularly on the luxury accommodation market. Generally a shepherd’s hut with bathroom is a sliver of space on one side of the interior that comes equipped with shower, toilet and sink basin. An en-suite bathroom is something that guests look for, so make this a priority.

It is possible to turn your hut into a luxurious retreat with full size bathtub! For this you need a very large hut, perhaps even a double birth hut, that will give you ample space for the ultimate relaxing spot.

5 Best Outdoor Shepherd’s Hut Accessories

It’s not just on the inside where you can get some great shepherd’s hut accessories. With a bit of room outside, you can get some fantastic extras and accessories to create the perfect shepherd’s hut area.

This is particularly important to set your hut apart on the holiday glamping front.

1. Hot tubs

A shepherd’s hut with a hot tub is now a very popular choice for guests looking for a romantic, secluded getaway. If you’re looking to let your hut out on the glamping market as a luxury retreat and space to relax, then people will be expecting extras and special accessories to leave them content with their stay.

Hot tubs are great because they are equally appreciated by people of all ages so you won’t be alienating any demographic from renting out your hut.

shepherds hut with wood fired hot tub
Image: Shepherd’s hut with hot tub is a real luxury accessory

2. Outdoor table and chairs

It’s important to have an outdoor seating area to make the most of any good weather we’re lucky to get here in the UK. This might be for a bit of al-fresco dining, a place to soak up the sun, stargaze on a clear night or just enjoy a nice glass of wine or a beer on a nice evening.

During the winter an outdoor table and chairs might not be used as much but the option is always much appreciated – there’s always the chance to take a coffee outside when the sun pops out in the morning.

3. Outdoor pizza oven

Another great shepherd’s hut accessory to have as an outdoor option. Who doesn’t like a stone-baked pizza made in a traditional oven? Correct, no one!

Easy to use and maintain, an outdoor pizza oven will be a masterstroke addition and help set you apart from the shepherd’s hut crowd.

To keep it in tip top condition, you can learn some eco friendly oven cleaning tricks here.

wood fired outdoor pizza oven
Image: Wood fired outdoor pizza oven by

4. Woodstore

You’ll need somewhere to put all the logs for your wood burner and outdoor fire pit! A well-made woodstore will help your logs to dry out and season so they’re in perfect condition to put on the fire.

A woodstore full of logs also looks fantastic and is definitely a good addition to give guests the rural, country feel they’re looking for.

5. Fire pit

Another weather permitting accessory, as are all these outdoor accessories in the UK, is a fire pit. When the time and weather is right though, a fire pit is such a good addition for guests to enjoy a drink around with friends and family.

It’s additional accessories such as these that will stick in visitor’s minds and help you to remain at the forefront when it comes to booking again or recommending people to you.

If guests won’t be visiting your shepherd’s hut, a fire pit is a superb piece of kit for relaxing around and unwinding.

So, there you have it – the best shepherd’s hut accessories for inside and outside the hut to help you configure it to your perfection.

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