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Earthfluencer Series: Q&A with Besma of Curiously Conscious

    besma curiously conscious earthfluencer

    Founder of the Ethical Influencers platform and creator of sustainable lifestyle blog Curiously Conscious, Besma Whayeb is a leading figure in the UK’s online eco movement.

    Her content is both actionable and inspiring, coming from a place of care about the world we live in.

    The Ethical Influencers network Besma founded in 2018 has amassed over 1,100 content creators across 61 countries, helping to connect creators with brands doing good.

    Let’s get to know the Earthfluencer that is Besma a little better.

    About the Earthfluencer Series

    The Earthfluencer Series is about shining light on those working to have a beneficial impact on the one planet we have. These are the people making a difference and spreading eco-positivity.

    An Earthfluencer can operate in a variety of areas. From the environment, wildlife, social justice, climate change, design, renewables, clean energy and every day sustainable living – it may even be a combination of different fields.

    Now more than ever, we need people taking action and influencing others to help create a better world. Conferences and political promises are all well and good, but they are nothing without activity off the back of them.

    Small changes may seem insignificant at times, but the more people making small positive changes, the more they stack up. This can then create pressure on big businesses, organisations and national systems to change, which are having a disproportionately negative impact on our Earth.

    So, let’s get on with meeting Besma.

    besma curiously conscious 2

    1. What inspired you to start your account/blog and what’s the goal? 

    I started my Curiously Conscious blog back in 2014 when living in Paris as part of my undergrad. I was inspired by French cooking and the little farmer’s market near my apartment – eating seasonably and sustainably was a completely foreign concept! 

    Cut to today, and I’ve expanded my content to include all aspects of my life – beauty, food, fashion, travel – and how we can centre people and planet within those.

    2. What does your daily schedule look like?

    I really dislike routine, so most days I flex to what’s required work-wise. 

    Some days I’m working from my little home in Brighton, others in my coworking space, and some in London. 

    That said, I do try to make time for exercise and take hour-long lunch breaks to keep myself grounded.

    3. What influences the influencer?

    Ooh love this question! 

    I like to learn from organisations such as Fashion Revolution, Hubbub, Changing Markets Foundation and The RSA, who are really doing the groundwork on sustainability and circularity in fashion. 

    I also enjoy reading a whole range of publications, from Ethical Consumer Magazine to British Vogue.

    And of course, I’m influenced by influencers too! I find influencers, and especially those who are part of the Ethical Influencers community, share petitions, movements, and reactions to topical news much faster than mainstream media.

    besma whayeb curiously conscious earthfluencer

    4. How do you think social media can be improved?

    Social media needs to move away from the individual and support collective organising. 

    It also needs to stop playing with our human nature through gamification and instead provide support for more meaningful communication and education.

    5. What do you think the future of producing content looks like?

    The future of content is video, although there’s a distinct difference between the video content of each platform (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, etc.) 

    As an old-school blogger, I’m not sure I can truly adapt to video, as I just love to write, but I’ll give it a go nonetheless!

    6. Away from the screen, what are your favourite things to do? 

    When I’m not working, I love to go out to the sea front, often for a run but sometimes for a picnic or stroll. I’m also a big fan spending some quality time in the bath!

    7. When things aren’t quite going to plan, what do you do to motivate yourself?

    I think the work culture in the UK is quite toxic – pushing through fatigue, pain and stress to work just isn’t healthy. 

    Some days I’ll allow myself to have an ‘off’ day, or simply get into bed earlier – I can sleep 10 hours a night easy. I’ve also learned a lot from Calmer, a partner organisation to Ethical Influencers that supports entrepreneurs and professionals to recognise the signs of burnout and manage them effectively. 

    When it comes to projects or wider ideas not coming to fruition, I try to reflect and see the positives – what I’ve learned, what I can improve, and how to adapt into something even better.

    besma ethical influencer fashion

    8. Give a shout out to some of your favourite eco/ethical/sustainable companies.

    There’s too many to count! 

    Well, I’m currently wearing garments from Navygrey, Ninety Percent, Organic Basics, I have the briiv air filter on next to me, and I’ve just been working on a campaign for Mooncup, whose eco-friendly silicone-based menstrual products I’ve been using since 2015. 

    9. What’s your best tip for living a more sustainable life? 

    Review your habits and see how you can make those more sustainable. 

    Over time, the effect will be compounded and feel a lot easier than making huge life changes that are hard to maintain. 

    From there, review which systems you’re part of. Could your money be saved with an ethical bank that doesn’t invest in fossil fuels? Could your employer start a recycling scheme? Could your university switch to renewable energy?

    10. What advice would you give someone who also wants to have a positive impact on the planet? 

    Connect with likeminded people, feel that shared passion, that sense of belonging, and support each other, support your local and digital communities, and keep inspiring positive change.

    Massive thank you to Besma for taking the time to answer the above and give an us an insight in the brilliant and positive work she is doing in the ethical and sustainable world.

    This particular goes for the fashion space, which is in urgent need for reform. It’s thanks to people like Besma who are spreading the much-needed eco message and inspiration to change.

    Make sure you check out Besma’s Instagram page where you can find direction to all of her work.

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