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Earthfluencer Series: Q&A with Going Green Media

    going green media ben and ciara

    Going Green Media is a planet-first media brand. The company was founded by Ben, the Creative Director, and now run with partner Ciara who is Head of Content.

    In a nutshell, Going Green Media film Earth-friendly projects across the world that inspire positive action.

    Their films are amazing too – from off-grid homes and sustainable cities to wildlife bridges and eco-friendly schools. You can check them all out from their Youtube channel.

    Let’s get to know these Earthfluencers a little better.

    About the Earthfluencer Series

    The Earthfluencer Series is about shining light on those working to have a beneficial impact on the one planet we have. These are the people making a difference and spreading eco-positivity.

    An Earthfluencer can operate in a variety of areas. From the environment, wildlife, social justice, climate change, design, renewables, clean energy and every day sustainable living – it may even be a combination of different fields.

    Now more than ever, we need people taking action and influencing others to help create a better world. Conferences and political promises are all well and good, but they are nothing without activity off the back of them.

    Small changes may seem insignificant at times, but the more people making small positive changes, the more they stack up. This can then create pressure on big businesses, organisations and national systems to change, which are having a disproportionately negative impact on our Earth.

    So, let’s get on with meeting Going Green Media.

    Earthfluencers: Get to know Going Green Media

    going green media in greenhouse

    What inspired you to start filming green projects and what are your goals? 

    It was all really a domino effect for us. Ben studied Architecture and became vegan in 2019, while Ciara went vegan in 2013 and grew up surrounded by nature in Florida. With these influences, we both naturally gravitated toward learning about protecting the beauty of our respective environments, as well as over time learning about the detrimental impact of animal agriculture on the world. 

    Starting Going Green in 2019, Ben wanted the channel to initially focus solely on sustainable architecture, which is what he was most familiar with talking about. Upon Ciara joining the business in 2020, we both realised that there was a huge opportunity for us to cover the many aspects and opportunities in the field of sustainability. 

    We also really wanted to be a positive voice, and not so much focus on the doom and gloom of the world.

    Of course, it’s important to educate yourself on the facts and the truth about what’s happening to our world, but we really wanted to emphasise the fact that there are people and businesses out there working their hardest to make a difference either globally or just within their local communities. From this, I think we hope that more and more people will continue to get involved with green projects, or even start their own.

    Our business goals continue to develop and change as the world does too. We want to make Going Green a household name, and be the source for many people on eco-positivity. Whether that’s through both long- and short-form content, documentary films and series, the possibilities are endless and we really can’t wait to keep exploring them!

    What does your daily schedule look like?

    Our day-to-day schedule is constantly changing depending on what’s going on in the week.

    On a day where we’re not travelling to film a green project, Ciara really enjoys her sleep, so she likes to sleep in until about 9:30-10am, while Ben tends to naturally wake up around 8-9pm. We then make breakfast (Ben is a creature of habit and has the same banana/berry/peanut butter smoothie every day, while Ciara’s changes every day), and put some music on to set the mood for the day. 

    We will sometimes have calls with potential clients, projects or employees, and then we are pretty much glued to our laptops for a few hours until lunchtime, which for us comes at about 2-3pm. Especially in winter where daylight is limited, we always try to get outside for at least 30 minutes to go for a walk in our neighbouring park or sit on our favourite bench overlooking London. 

    going green media ben and ciara

    We then get back home, we either continue editing a new video or social content and prepare it for the next day, which typically makes our work go late into the night. Or we shut down all tech around 7:30pm, do a workout in our living room, then cook dinner together.

    Ciara is also a night owl, so if there’s any work left undone that she knows needs a little extra time, she’ll stay up and get that done or read before falling asleep around midnight.

    What/who influences the influencer? 

    I think our biggest influence or motivation is seeing both the natural world change around us and seeing young people really fighting to change the default systems.

    Seeing other people empower one another inspires us to want to do the same. We also have been lifelong admirers of Sir David Attenborough and his passion for saving the natural world. We want to make sure that one day the torch can be passed and carried by us and others proudly.

    What’s your favourite way to learn about sustainability and your area of expertise?

    For us, reaching out to and getting to visit the green projects we show on our YouTube channel and Instagram account always opens our minds to what is out there in terms of sustainability or environmental initiatives.

    Sometimes businesses will find us online and send us an email, and their concepts or things they’re working on are so cool, we just know we have to get involved!

    We also are big fans of nature documentaries and series wherein we can learn about either issues the world faces or some interesting solutions that are still in development.

    How do you think social media can be improved?

    With billions of users, I think social media companies really do have a tough job of making sure that content on their platforms enables free speech, but also stops the spread of hate and misinformation.

    In the sustainability/climate sector in particular, we believe making sure that fake news about climate change, for example, is eliminated from what people see is really important.

    What do you think the future of producing content looks like? 

    We’re constantly adapting and trying to change our content strategy as the digital world changes too.

    After the closure of Vine, which was the original 15-second video platform that Ciara was obsessed with in high school, I don’t think anyone could have predicted the subsequent explosion of Tik Tok and Instagram Reels. So we just have to see what happens really, and try to pave the way for more mindful content creation.

    Away from the screen, what are your favourite things to do? 

    As much as we love creating things for screens big and small, there’s no relief quite as sweet to us as being able to really just unplug and put our devices away.

    We’re big (vegan) foodies, so we love to cook and try out different vegan restaurants around London. Getting out in nature and just getting lost is a big passion of ours too.

    On weekends, if we’re not travelling, we love to take our bikes and cycle around London to discover neighbourhoods or areas we may not have known about.

    When things aren’t quite going to plan, what do you do to motivate yourself or make yourself feel better?

    Things inevitably go wrong sometimes, so we just always kind of remember to step away, take a breath, hug it out, then make a plan to figure out our other options.

    We refuse to give up or be defeated, so we start with a Plan A typically, and if we have to work our way through all of them to Plan Z we will.

    going green media sunset

    Give a shout out to some of your favourite eco/ethical/sustainable companies

    Fortunately, since we live in such a metropolitan city, we do have options available to us that maybe some people don’t, and we are conscious of that.

    For shelf-stable food products we love The Source Bulk Foods where we bring our jars and purchase package-free pastas, grains, oils, cleaning products and more.

    Clothing-wise we go to charity shops and thrift stores or use eBay or Depop. For furniture, we love Facebook marketplace.

    For giving away things we bought or were given that we won’t use or need, we love the Olio exchange app. For greeting cards, we love Washed Up Cards who upcycle ocean plastic into cute greeting cards. 

    What’s your best tip for living a more sustainable life? 

    Don’t be afraid to try new things, even if it changes the way you or your family have always done things.

    Whether it’s a small change like not choosing to get plastic bags at the supermarket, or a big change like eating less meat or more seasonal produce.

    We both come from families that used to not be very eco-conscious, and our gradual changes over time impacted and influenced them to want to be better or do things differently. So even the smallest changes really can have a ripple effect.

    What advice would you give someone who also wants to have a positive impact on the planet?

    The rule of thumb is: Be kind to yourself, and be kind to the planet.

    Perfection is not what we’re trying to promote. We just want people to understand that small changes and actions taken can really have a powerful impact. If someone buys something from fast fashion once or buys something wrapped in plastic, it’s not the end of the world.

    You’re only human, so educate yourself as best you can, and act consciously and accordingly as much as you can.

    Huge thanks to Ben and Ciara for taking the time to answer these questions, providing an insight into both their lives and the happenings at Going Green Media.

    This new-age media production brand really is exciting. I genuinely hope they can provide the inspiration they crave to inspire action in others, and I’ve no doubt that they will.

    Make sure you give them a follow them on Instagram and Youtube.

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