Ecodesign Ready Stoves 2022: What Is It & What Does It Mean For You?

Did you know that all wood burning and multifuel stoves sold from 2022 will have to be Ecodesign ready?

The Ecodesign stove regulations come into force from 1st January 2022 and will affect all new stoves that are manufactured in the UK and EU.

The basic idea is that Ecodesign stoves are much more environmentally friendly way to burn wood and solid fuel to provide heat.

What is Ecodesign?

Ecodesign is the Stove Industry Alliance’s (SIA) response to an EU directive on air pollution. It is a European-wide initiative to lower emissions.

This directive has been fully adopted by Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and their Clean Air Strategy 2019.

You may have already heard of Defra-approved wood burners. These are stoves that are allowed to be installed in smoke-controlled areas in the UK because of the low particulate matter they emit. The Defra-approved stoves only apply to smokeless zones.

Ecodesign stoves go much further than their Defra-approved predecessors and their regulations are applicable across the whole of the UK.

A stove that is Ecodesign compliant emits less pollution and is much better for the environment.

What does Ecodesign ready mean?

tiger superclean ecodesign ready stove 2022
Tiger Superclean – Ecodesign ready stove available on*

Ecodesign ready is all about improving stove efficiency, reducing air pollution and the amount of particulate emissions that come from solid fuel burners.

In fact, to be Ecodesign ready, stoves have to reduce particulate matter emissions by 55% compared to Defra stoves, as well as reducing carbon monoxide emissions by 88%. That’s a significant difference.

All stoves have to go through an independent laboratory test process to ensure they meet the Ecodesign requirements. The tests results are then verified by HETAS – a non-profit organisation who support cleaner, safer choices when it comes to solid fuels and appliances.

Ecodesign wood burning stove regulations 2022

The technical obligations of Ecodesign require a maximum of 40 micrograms per cubic metre for airborne particulate matter in a stove flue exhaust.

Manufacturers must provide evidence that a stove has been independently tested and achieved the lower emission mark across four tests. The four tests access particulate matter levels, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and organic gaseous compounds.

All Ecodesign stoves will display the ‘Ecolabel’ energy rating. This has been in place since 2018, and Ecodesign stoves will also have to show this label both in the showroom and online.

The minimum energy efficiency of Ecodesign stoves will by 75%, compared to 60% previously. This will mean new stoves are either A or A+ in terms of energy efficiency.

opus harmony ecodesign ready stove 2022
Opus Harmony – Ecodesign ready stove available on*

What are the benefits of Ecodesign ready stoves?

The regulations for Ecodesign stoves have been brought in to benefit the air and the environment.

Research from SIA shows that Ecodesign stoves reduce particulate emissions by 90% compared to open fires and 80-84% compared to wood burning stoves from 10 years ago.

The Ecodesign ready regulations will help increase the efficiency of both wood burning and multifuel stoves.

You can find a fantastic list of the 10 best Ecodesign ready wood burning stoves here or read up on the 12 best Ecodesign multifuel stoves.

Will I still be able to use my log burner after 2022?

The regulations are mainly for manufacturers than customers. However, it’s something you still need to be aware of if you’re looking to buy a new log burner.

After 1st January 2022 it will be illegal to manufacture any wood burning or multifuel stove that doesn’t reach the Ecodesign requirements.

Stoves that are already in the supply chain and already installed are exempt from this. This means that wood burner you already have in your living room, shepherd’s hut or cabin is fine to stay where it is.

Are all Defra stoves Ecodesign?

No, not all Defra-approved stoves are Ecodesign ready.

Ecodesign stoves have much more stringent rules in regards to emissions and air pollution than Defra stoves, whose regulations just apply to smoke controlled areas.

best ecodesign multifuel stoves
Read more: 12 best Ecodesign multifuel stoves

Wrap up on Ecodesign ready stoves

Overall, this is good news for the environment and UK air quality. Ecodesign stoves offer a much cleaner, and therefore, greener burn.  

The new regulations will eventually be joined by ClearSkies mark, which will rate the emissions and energy performance of stoves and allow buyers to see exactly which stoves are the best for the environment.

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