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Ecoegg Dryer Egg Review: Do Tumble Dryer Eggs Work & Are They Any Good?

ecoegg dryer egg tumble dryer

Are you looking for a more energy efficient way to dry your laundry? Do you want to cut down on the amount of time your dryer is switched on for? 

These are the exact two questions that I wanted to answer for myself. 

You see, the UK autumn and winter isn’t the best for putting your laundry outside. Especially if you live in the North of the country like me. 

This means clothing and laundry out of the washing machine has to either go onto the radiators, the bulky airer or drying rack, or into the energy hungry tumble dryer. 

Factor into this a young baby where the amount of washing and drying is multiplied, plus an energy cost crisis, and there’s a bit of an issue to solve!

I recently bought an Ecoegg dryer egg to try and increase efficiency and reduce the time our tumble dryer was on for. 

Here are my thoughts on the Ecoegg dryer egg, how it works and if it’s worth it to dry your laundry. 

To be clear, this is not a sponsored post. I bought the Ecoegg out of my own pocket to try for myself. This blog does contain affiliate links to Ethical Superstore.

ecoegg dryer egg close up

What is Ecoegg?

Ecoegg is a British manufacturer of innovative laundry and cleaning products, founded in 2008.

Their most well-known product is the Laundry Egg, which was designed to replace traditional detergent and fabric softener. Instead, this reusable egg is topped up with mineral pellets which clean your laundry. 

I haven’t tried the reusable laundry egg yet, just the dryer egg. Instead I’m still using eco laundry detergent sheets

What do you get?

I bought my Ecoegg dryer eggs from the brilliant Ethical Superstore

I like the product for its simplicity. The Ecoegg dryer eggs come in a small recyclable card box. Inside the cardboard packet are two small Ecoegg dryer eggs. 

And that’s it. No excess packaging and plastic wrappers, just the two dryer eggs – that’s all you need to get started. 

The dryer eggs themselves are made from polypropylene plastic, which is a negative. 

The benefit to these dryer eggs is that they come with a 10 year guarantee. If something goes wrong during this time, you can get in touch with Ecoegg and get a replacement. 

ecoegg dryer egg in card packaging

How to use an Ecoegg dryer egg?

On my first attempt using the Ecoegg dryer egg, I just used one. This was incorrect. 

The two Ecoegg dryer eggs should be used in the drum together at the same time. 

Once your tumble dryer is loaded up, put both of the eggs inside and top of your clothes and operate the machine as normal. 

If you have the dryer eggs with space for a fragrance stick, make sure the stick is put inside the egg before you add them to the tumble dryer. If you forget, don’t worry, the fragranced dryer eggs will still work without the sticks. 

There’s nothing more to it than this. 

Ecoegg states not to use the dryer eggs with delicate clothing or those that contain beads and the like. 

How does an Ecoegg work?

Ecoegg dryer eggs work in a similar way to wool dryer balls. 

The idea of using the two dryer eggs together is that they both work to lift and separate your clothes, leading to more efficient drying and softer clothes. 

A reduction in tumble dryer time is important, seeing as this is one of the biggest users of energy in the home. Read up here on how much energy does a tumble dryer use.

Without the eggs, the manufacturer says that clothes can clump together and not make the most of the available space. More space means more warm air is circulating between the clothing items. 

The Ecoegg dryer egg also have a couple of additional benefits. 

Firstly, the bumps and nodules on the outside of the egg are designed to breakdown the stiffness caused by washing and help to naturally soften your clothes. No chemicals needed for this. 

I must say, having used the dryer eggs numerous times, our clothes always feel really soft. It’s also said that the egg can help reduce creasing in clothes. 

Of course, the fragranced egg will help to give your clothes a nice, fresh scent. 

You can take a look at the Ecoegg video here on how they work.

ecoegg dryer egg near dryer drum

Do the Ecoegg dryer eggs reduce drying time?

This is the main question that needs answering from an eco friendly perspective.

The Ecoegg headline figure is that they reduce tumble drying time by up to 28%. 

To get this figure, independent laboratories tested the drying times of wet laundry with and without dryer eggs. They conclude that the dryer eggs reduce tumble dryer time between 17.8% and 28.8%. 

Is this true?

It’s quite difficult to conclusively state how effective Ecoegg dryer eggs are when you’re doing your own laundry. Every load is different and I haven’t got time to conduct control tests unfortunately. You just put the load in, turn it on and come back later. 

I haven’t managed to conduct my own experiment of drying two of exactly the same loads – one with the egg and one without, but if I ever do I’ll write an update. 

As a purely anecdotal conclusion, I’d say that the dryer eggs do seem to reduce drying time slightly. 

This is important as the tumble dryer is one of the most energy guzzling appliances you have at home. It’s up there with your fridge freezer. At the lower end in the kitchen are the energy efficient slow cookers and eco kettles.

So, are Ecoeggs any good?

I like the dryer eggs and think they are a good buy. 

For a very small upfront cost you get:

  • Reduced drying time (save on energy)
  • Nice, soft clothes
  • 10 year guarantee

I definitely think Ecoegg dryer eggs are worth it even if they reduce drying time by the lower limit of 17%. 

All this energy efficiency adds up over time, and if you keep the eggs for the full 10 year guarantee, then they’ll certainly be cost effective. 

The nice soft finish of the laundry is also great – perfect for the baby clothes! 

Are the Ecoegg dryer eggs recyclable?

ecoegg dryer egg close up

According to the plastic resin code on the back of the product, the Ecoegg dryer eggs are recyclable and are classed as PP 5. 

This is a slight negative that the eggs are made from a type of fossil-fuel based thermoplastic. 

The saving grace of course is that they are very much reusable and recyclable at the end. 

If you think about the drying energy the dryer eggs can save over the years, this probably outweighs the carbon footprint that comes with manufacturing the product.

Do I need Ecoegg dryer egg refills? 

This depends if you have the fragranced dryer eggs or fragrance free ones. 

I opted for the fragrance free dryer eggs, which do not need any sort of refill. 

The fragranced dryer eggs will need a refill. Currently you can choose from fresh linen or spring blossom scents. You can get dryer egg refills from Ethical Superstore too.

Each scent stick will last for around 20 drier cycles, but this might alter depending on the temperature of your dryer and the time it runs for. 

The good news is that you can also use the dryer egg without the fragrance sticks.

Wrap up on Ecoegg dryer egg review

If you like the sound of this review and would like to try the dryer egg for yourself, I’d recommend buying yours from Ethical Superstore*. They also stock a wide range of other sustainable products for around the home.

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