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9 Best Places To Find A Shepherd’s Hut Holiday 2022

    best places shepherds hut holiday

    Are you looking to find a shepherd’s hut holiday?

    You’re in the right place! For me they offer an ideal trip away from city living, a healthy change of scenery, fresh air and relaxing vibes – perfect!

    If you haven’t been on a shepherd’s hut holiday before, I’d strongly recommend it. It’s a brilliant trip away for couples and those with a dog.

    Let’s take a look at some of the best places online where you can find your next shepherd’s hut holiday in the UK.

    digbys shepherd hut peak district brosterfield farm
    Great spot for a morning coffee in the Peak District. Read my review here.

    Disclaimer: This post does contain a few affiliate links. It means if you use these links and then go on to book a holiday, I get a small commission. It does not in any way change the price for you, just acts as a little thank you to me.

    Why book a shepherd’s hut holiday?

    You may have stayed in a shepherd’s hut, log cabin, or some other kind of quirky place before. If so, I may be preaching to the converted.

    However, if you’ve not and you’re thinking of a first time stay in a shepherd’s hut, let me briefly explain why this is a fantastic idea.

    A shepherd’s hut offers a more unusual place to stay that will give you a whole different holiday experience. They’re sometimes classed as a luxury glamping holiday, but I think they’re more than that.

    A shepherd’s hut can pack in everything you need for a perfect weekend away, including double bed, kitchen and cooking facilities, outdoor space, en-suite toilet and shower. You can also find many shepherd’s hut with hot tubs, which is the ideal addition for a short break stay.

    By their very nature, they tend to be in the countryside. This means they offer a good dose of tranquillity, a place away from the bright lights and loud noises, and some brilliant walking opportunities.

    They almost always come equipped with a cast iron wood burner, which is much needed for those chilly nights or when you’re looking for a cosy night in.

    It’s for these reasons why shepherd’s hut holidays in the UK are particular popular with young professional couples and couples with a dog. I tick both of these boxes and I love a shepherd’s hut holiday.

    bluebell shepherds huts

    Finding a shepherd’s hut holiday

    You can now find a shepherd’s hut for a short stay all over the UK. From huts in Cornwall, to Derbyshire, Norfolk, the Lake District and Wales, they are popping up all over.

    The process of finding a holiday is often the most difficult part. Trawling through Google and wondering which website is best or most reputable is the first hurdle to finding your holiday.

    I’ve been there, done plenty of searching around and have booked through a number of different organisations. The result is this list. It will hopefully make your search a bit quicker and easier and give you confidence of finding the best place to find a shepherd’s hut holiday.

    Some huts will be on multiple websites whereas others will just be listed with one. These places are often the hidden gem you’ve been looking for. And believe me there are plenty of hidden gems within the list of places here!

    Making plans is a little tricky at the moment but I’m an optimist and believe we’ll be able to get away, at least for a UK holiday, by the summer. Fingers crossed. With time on our hands, you might as well get some research in so you can add any perfect places to stay to your own holiday wish list.

    9 best places to discover a shepherd’s hut break

    The places below are some of the best sites in my view to find shepherd’s hut holiday accommodation.

    If you’re looking in something in particular, for example a dog friendly shepherd’s hut rental, make sure you filter it down.

    In my experience, because we always take Murphy the Cocker on our hut holidays, I’ve found a roughly 50/50 split on huts that are dog friendly versus those that are not. I think it’s because many of the huts have such pristine, immaculate and compact interiors to which the owner can’t pair up with a dog after a muddy countryside walk.

    Without further ado, here are some of my favourite places to research and book a shepherd’s hut holiday.  

    1.    Cool Stays

    tor view shepherds hut holiday rental
    Source: Cool Stays

    A great website showcasing a wide variety of unique and unusual holiday rentals in the UK. Their collection of places to stay covers shepherd’s huts as well as cabin, romantic retreats, tree houses, barns and more.

    They currently list 63 shepherd’s huts to rent across the UK.

    Click here to find a shepherd’s hut holiday with Cool Stays

    2.    Quirky Accom

    Raven's retreat shepherd's hut mid-wales great holiday hut
    Raven’s Retreat – available to book on Quirky Accom. Read my review here.

    Quirky Accom offer a wide range of, as the name suggests, quirky accommodation. They have over 300 huts and cabins on site and many of them are so unusual and absolutely stunning!

    Quirky Accom are also a very personal company. Led by the founder Jess, they donate all profits to charity twice a year. A fantastic place to find your next shepherd’s hut, or other quirky, holiday.

    Take a look at the Quirky Accom website

    3.    Host Unusual

    Host Unusual is an independent, small booking partner with a range of extraordinary hidden gems across the UK.

    They have over 100 huts and cabins available for short breaks, as well as eco pods, lighthouses, tiny homes and more.

    Visit the Host Unusual website here

    4. Rural Retreats

    woodland shepherds hut retreat holiday
    Source: Rural Retreats tends to focus on cottages and similar properties but they do have a good shepherd’s hut section under their glamping inspiration.

    Find a Rural Retreat holiday here

    5. Cool Camping

    thompson hall shepherds hut holiday break retreat
    Source: Cool Camping

    Cool Camping offer not only a top notch range of camping sites, but glamping accommodation too. There are many wonderful holiday types on the website including yurts, geo-domes and shepherd’s huts.  Well worth having a look.

    Visit the Cool Camping shepherd hut holiday section here

    6. Canopy and Stars

    tin and wood shepherds hut holiday interior
    Source: Canopy and Stars

    Another great website, Canopy and Stars currently have over 100 shepherd’s huts ready for your perfect holiday. They have a whole host of other quirky accommodation types on their site.

    They also have good ethical values and pledge, amongst other sustainable initiatives, to plant one tree for every booking made on their site.

    Check out the Canopy and Stars shepherd’s hut holidays

    7. Airbnb

    I probably don’t need to say much about Airbnb to you. It has been very useful to me in the past for finding some fantastic holiday accommodation and they do have a great unique stay section.

    Have a look at website here

    8. Holiday Cottages

    holiday cottages shepherds hut
    Source: Holiday Cottages

    Since their start in 1989 as a family business, Holiday Cottages have continued to grow. They now offer an excellent choice of quirky accommodation, cabins, lodges and huts that may very well fit your perfect holiday plans.

    Take a look at the Holiday Cottages website

    9. Forest Holidays

    Forest Holidays is slightly different in the fact that they offer an authentic holiday in one of their UK forest cabins. The have a close partnership with the Forestry Commission and a part of that is to encourage sustainable tourism to connect people to nature and look after our forests over the long term.

    Click here to view the Forest Holidays website

    I’m positive you’ll be able to find an ideal shepherd’s hut holiday from one of the 9 places above. They are so many fantastic huts to stay in across the UK with the number growing all the time.

    A shepherd’s hut holiday offers the chance for you to get back to basics (although some of them can be very luxurious), experience the nearby nature and revitalise yourself.

    If you’re looking for something more specific, you should check out these 21 shepherd’s hut glamping spots for your next trip. If you own a shepherd’s hut and are looking to be a bit more eco, check out this blog on how to create a more sustainable holiday retreat.

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