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How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Shepherd’s Hut?

brown shepherds hut through the trees

Whether you’re looking to buy a shepherd’s hut for your own individual use or to rent out on the holiday market, the cost of a shepherd’s hut can vary hugely.

The price often depends on the size of the hut, whether it’s furnished or not, the type of materials used and much more.

There’s also a wide range of customisation and build quality options, which all make it difficult to say exactly how much a shepherd’s hut costs. But we can give you a good idea.

This blog will give you a good idea of what you can get for your money and take you through a range of options, plus how much you will likely have to spend.

The price of a shepherd’s hut

When you consider that a shepherd’s hut can act as a fully-functioning tiny home, a garden home office, a personal studio or as an income-generating rental pad on the glamping market, even a luxury spend budget in the tens of thousands seems like a bargain.

Because of their high quality build and hand-crafted nature, they will last for decades and give you plenty in return for your initial spend.

Even better, unlike a house extension or a separate garden structure, your shepherd’s hut can be fully mobile to transport on UK roads, so if you have to move location you can simply take it with you.

If you decide to build a shepherd’s hut as a self-build project, prices will vary considerably too depending on where you get your materials from and whether you need any expert help along the way.

The cost for a small shepherd’s hut will start from £5,000 and go up to £15,000.

For a high spec, large shepherd’s hut, it will cost you around £20,000 and over.

Why does the price to buy a shepherd’s hut vary so much?

Putting a set price on buying a shepherd’s hut is difficult.

Just like bricks and mortar houses and even cars, there can be a vast difference between your low-end hut varieties and the top of the range, all-singing-all-dancing shepherd hut.

This may seem slightly strange considering the compactness and much smaller size, but as you’ll see, the design build, materials used, products included, furnishing and type of finish all influence the final price, just as you’d expect if you were buying a car, caravan, electric bike or any other item where there’s a wide range of customisation available.

Many makers offer a list of their usual sized huts with a whole plethora of ‘bespokeability’, including internal finishes and features and sizes, meaning a ‘typical’ price is hard to evaluate. You might want to take a look at this shepherd’s hut interior design blog for some inspiration!

Without want for trying, let’s start at the lower end of the scale to see what you can expect to get before we move through the gears to the more expensive shepherd’s huts.

plankbridge shepherds hut for sale floor plan
Visualised potential floor plan of a smaller-sized shepherd’s hut. Source: Plankbridge

How much does it cost to buy a small unfurnished shepherd’s hut?

The minimum price you’re likely to pay to get a standard, unfurnished hut starts from around £5,000.

For this price you can still expect a great looking, well-crafted hut unit, just that it won’t include any of the extra features, appliances and won’t be customised to your requirements. All these options come as extra add-ons, usually identified on the makers website but most highly negotiable in terms of what you want included.  

Also bear in mind, this bottom price completely depends on the manufacturer, of which there are many, how long they take to build and what sort of materials they use as standard.

Buying a basic hut unit is often a very attractive option for buyers to finish and customise as required if they already have the ideas, the skills or the contacts to do so.

Here’s a list of what you are likely to get when buying a basic shepherd’s hut

  • Standard hut size and dimensions – usually 12 ft length x 7ft width
  • Axle and chassis – usually steel for modern huts
  • Four wheels – iron generally as the basic offering
  • Ceiling, walls and a curved corrugated roof (corrugated or felt)
  • Insulation
  • Full cladding inside and out – generally untreated wood
  • Watertight and sealed with a waterproof membrane
  • Wooden flooring
  • Windows and a door
  • Steps leading to the door

Where can I buy a small shepherd’s hut?

These more standard, small shepherd’s huts are still very well build, it’s just that they come unfinished without any of the additional extras.

These small huts are still beautifully crafted and will look fantastic sitting in your garden, placed in your field or wherever the plot of land you have in mind may be.

Here are a few places to start your search.

You can also find a full list of shepherd’s hut manufacturers, where almost all with offer small shepherd’s huts.

How much does it cost for a fully fitted shepherd’s hut?

digbys hut brosterfield farm peak district
Luxury shepherd’s hut from Brosterfield Farm. Prices starting from £19,750.

This is where it begins to get complicated as many specialist manufacturers can offer almost any extra feature and customisation to suit your needs and desires, making each hut truly unique to the buyer.

But it’s also the point where huts become especially fascinating, truly bespoke and more often than not, amazing self-contained places of bliss.

There are general features that most people buying a hut will want to eventually include, whether they source and install these on their own or add-on via the manufacturer. The list below goes over a few of these features.

Prices for a fully fitted shepherd’s hut will start from £15,000 at the lower end and can go all the way to £50,000 at the maximum end.

Features of a fully fitted shepherd’s hut include:

Additional extras of a luxury shepherd’s hut

If you want to buy a hut on the more luxury end you will want to make sure it has a fixed double bed area, cooking facilities in a high spec kitchen and full bathroom facilities.

To fit all this in, the length of your hut will need to be greater than the traditional 12 foot. In general, the length of your hut can increase anywhere up to 24” and around 8” wide. Please note though, once your tiny home becomes wider than 7ft, you won’t be able to tow it on UK roads. More info on towing a tiny home here.

Where to buy a luxury shepherd’s hut and how much do they cost?

shepherds hut interior pumphrey and weston
This is how a luxury hut can look inside, courtesy of Pumphrey and Weston.

The luxury huts really are works of art with intricate attention to detail throughout. Here are a few of my favourite mid to higher-end huts:

Cornwall-based Pumphrey and Weston have a very handy shepherd’s hut price calculator on their site where you select from criteria including size, cladding options, the type of electrics and various key features to then give you a final price – really useful addition from them.

If you’ve got a hefty budget burning a hole in your pocket, Plankbridge can also make custom huts with prices typically starting from £55,000.

drop down bed riverside shepherd hut interior
Stunning interior from Riverside Shepherd’s Huts. Find more amazing interior hut designs here.

Buying a brand-new shepherd’s hut can turn into a significant purchase, mainly due to the customisation on offer and the made to order nature. But this what makes each shepherd’s hut unique and special. They aren’t made on a production line.

The manufacturers handcrafting these fine specimens together are specialists – the love, passion and unrivalled work going in to each end product offers complete value for money.

A hut is an investment and the build could easily last into the next century, meaning you’ll easily see a return on investment whether it’s for a business opportunity or for the sheer enjoyment factor.

If you’re serious about buying a shepherd’s hut, here’s a list of where you can find shepherd’s huts for sale in the UK broken down by geographic area.

You can also more informational content over on the shepherd’s hut information hub.

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