Naked Sprout vs Who Gives A Crap: Battle Of The Bamboo Toilet Rolls

Words by Ben Hardman

With its increased sustainability and lower impact on the environment, bamboo is a good choice for those looking to make an eco friendly toilet paper swap.

Of the bamboo toilet paper brands available, Naked Sprout and Who Gives A Crap have emerged as two of the most popular options. But with both brands offering similar products, it can be challenging to decide which one to choose.

As someone who has tried both Naked Sprout and Who Gives A Crap bamboo toilet paper, I’m here to help. In this comparison, I’ll break down the key differences between the two brands across various categories, making it easier for you to make an informed decision.

Naked Sprout vs Who Gives A Crap – it’s the battle of the bamboo toilet papers! But who’s the winner?

naked sprout vs who gives a crap toilet rolls on toilet basin
Naked Sprout (left) vs Who Gives A Crap (right)

Naked Sprout vs who Gives A Crap: Company Origins

Naked Sprout and Who Gives A Crap may offer similar products, but their origins and company cultures are quite different.

Who Gives A Crap is an Australian company with its headquarters in Victoria, South-East Australia. The company was born out of a passion for toilet paper and a mission to improve toilet access across the globe. After a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2012, they launched their startup.

From Australia, Who Gives A Crap are now operating on a global scale, shipping to the UK, EU and USA. As well as bamboo toilet paper, they also sell recycled toilet paper, tissues and paper towels.

Naked Sprout are a smaller British company founded by Leila Coleman and Tom Whelan in Dorset in 2020. Although operating from the UK, their product is shipped over from China to a renewably powered factory in northern Spain before heading to the UK. Alongside their bamboo toilet paper, Naked Sprout also sell kitchen roll and tissues.

Both Naked Sprout and WGAC are B Corp certified companies.

Toilet roll Quality and performance

Naked Sprout recently reduced the ply of their toilet roll from 3 to 2 layers whilst maintaining the same thickness. According to the company, this change hasn’t impacted the overall quality but has helped reduce energy usage by 33%.

In my experience, the 2-ply paper from Naked Sprout performed well, without any ripping or thinning issues. The only minor concern was that the ply layers sometimes separated when starting a new roll.

Who Gives A Crap’s bamboo toilet paper is 3-ply thick for a little bit of extra cushion. This is a strong toilet roll and feels soft. No quality has been sacrificed here.

This bamboo toilet paper is clearly something customers love with a total rating of 4.9/5 from over 25,000 reviews!

Naked Sprout (left) vs Who Gives A Crap (right)

Both Naked Sprout and Who Gives A Crap offer longer rolls compared to traditional supermarket brands like Andrex and Velvet. With 320 sheets per roll for Naked Sprout and a lengthy 370 sheets per roll for Who Gives A Crap, these eco-friendly options provide excellent value for money.

Each of the WGAC rolls is a lengthy 370 sheets compared to Naked Sprout’s 320 sheets, which is still a lot longer than your supermarket standard rolls.

It’s worth pointing out that Naked Sprout don’t bleach their rolls, which are a natural, brownish colour. WGAC do treat their bamboo pulp to make it appear white like standard toilet roll. There’s no other reason to treat or bleach toilet paper other than to make it look nice. From a sustainability point of view, this isn’t great.

Naked Sprout

Who Gives A Crap

Materials Used

We know both toilet paper companies use bamboo sourced from China. So is there any difference? 

Both Naked Sprout and WGAC offer FSC certified products. The supply chain of each company is fully certified by the FSC. As an addition, WGAC say that they use use ‘small family farms’.

Who Gives A Crap have it loud and clear that they use 100% bamboo. Interestingly, Naked Sprout used to state that they use 100% bamboo, but this has been removed. Could there be a reason for this?

It needs to be said that there’s been a recent bit of controversy after a Which? investigation into bamboo toilet roll fibres. After samples were sent off to an independent lab, it was found that Naked Sprout contained only 4% bamboo fibres. Who Gives A Crap came back as containing 100% bamboo.

Naked Sprout vehemently deny they did any wrong-doing and have published documents to show that their supply chain uses bamboo only in their toilet roll. Somewhere along the line though, something’s gone wrong.

Naked Sprout

Who Gives A Crap


To make their bamboo toilet rolls, Who Gives A Crap uses manufacturing facilities in China, whereas Naked Sprout ship their bamboo to a certified carbon neutral factory in Europe. 

WGAC say their bamboo is primarily grown in remote areas of the Sichuan Province. The process is then localised with each village having its own bamboo co-op and pulp factory. It sounds small scale, but with the popularity of WGAC, they must be getting through an awful lot of bamboo?

naked sprout trial pack

Who Gives A Crap have looked at manufacturing in Australia but they say that Australian toilet tissue manufacturers are few and far between. Plus they didn’t offer many environmentally friendly benefits e.g. no plastic wrappers. At least WGAC are transparent about this. 

With Naked Sprout, there’s a lot of detail behind the eco friendly credentials of the manufacturing facilities they use. This includes being 100% powered by 8,000 solar panels and having an eco waste water works on site.

Naked Sprout

Who Gives A Crap


who gives a crap eco toilet paper

Who Gives A Crap may look very eye-catching, but compared to Naked Sprout, they use a lot more packaging to individually wrap each toilet roll. WGAC say this is necessary to keep them moisture-free and hygienic. I think it’s also largely a marketing ploy. But if it gets more people to buy more eco toilet roll, then that’s a good thing.

Apparently, the paper used to make all of the WGAC wrappers increases their paper use by just 1%. The positive is that the individual wrappers are recyclable as paper (not compostable) and they don’t use toxic inks. 

Naked Sprout don’t individually wrap toilet paper, instead they come stacked in the cardboard box. I’m not sure why NS can do this but WGAC can’t, but in my opinion, it’s a better choice with sustainability in mind.

Both companies use a recyclable cardboard box as their main vessel of packaging. 

Naked Sprout

Who Gives A Crap

naked sprout unbleached toilet paper
Naked Sprout unbleached toilet roll

Sustainability and the Environment

Both companies are certified B Corporations. This is a great start. 

In 2022, Naked Sprout published an environmental impact report. I’ve since looked for an updated report (as this one uses 2021 data) but I can’t find anything on the website. Instead, it looks like they’re directing people to their Life Cycle Assessment, which states that bamboo toilet paper has a lower total carbon emissions than recycled paper.

Naked Sprout have also initiated a number of positive eco changes, including the removal of all plastic, removal of tape and no use of chemicals. As mentioned above, Naked Sprout also use a highly sustainable factory in northern Spain to turn the bamboo pulp into rolls.

who gives a crap packaging wrappers

I can’t any official reports for WGAC, although they do go into detail on the decision process behind a lot of their decisions on the support section of their website.

Who Gives A Crap still use plastic tape and whiten their bamboo toilet paper through a combination of Chlorine Dioxide and Hydrogen Peroxide. WGAC have reduced their plastic use over the years and are trying to get rid of the tape too.

Naked Sprout

Who Gives A Crap

Naked Sprout vs WGAC: Cost 

On like for like toilet roll numbers, Naked Sprout comes in cheaper than Who Gives A Crap.

There isn’t much in it though. On cost per 100 sheets, Naked Sprout comes in at £0.22, whereas WGAC is just 1p more expensive at £0.23 per 100 sheets.  

Box of 24 rolls:

  • Naked Sprout: £23.50
  • WGAC: £30

Box of 48 rolls:

  • Naked Sprout: £39.99
  • WGAC: £48

To get the true cost per roll though, you need to take into account roll length, as well as ply for the comfort factor.  

With Who Gives A Crap you get 370 x 3 ply sheets. With Naked Sprout it’s 320 x 2 ply sheets.

Naked Sprout

Who Gives A Crap

Overall Scores

It’s a very close call when it comes to Naked Sprout vs Who Gives A Crap. I’ll be honest, there are swings and roundabouts to both and there remains a large question mark over Naked Sprout’s bamboo pulp supply chain.

That said, I have added up and averaged the scores from above to get the following result:

Naked Sprout (4.25)

Who Gives A Crap (4.25)

It’s a genuine dead heat!

If you’d like to dig into more details you can read my full Naked Sprout review and Who Gives A Crap review.

Other bamboo toilet rolls on the market

There are of course many other bamboo toilet rolls on the UK market, including Bumboo, Bazoo and The Cheeky Panda.

I haven’t managed to compare them roll to roll yet with the other brands, but feel free to check out my Bumboo toilet paper review and Bazoo toilet paper review.

I do believe that recycled toilet paper is also an excellent choice for more sustainable toilet roll. There are some great brands in this field too, such as Serious Tissues and Honest Supplies.

And whilst you’re here, you don’t you check out my run down of the best eco friendly toilet cleaners to make the job complete.

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