Nothing Fishy Review (Honest Look At These Vegan Supplements)

Words by Ben Hardman

Do you take daily health supplements? Have you been looking for more ethical alternatives? How about plant-based vegan alternatives to traditionally animal-based supplements?

This is what Nothing Fishy have brought to the table with their algae-based supplements. 

I’ve been trying Nothing Fishy supplements – Omega 3, Vitamin D3 and Irish Sea Moss – for a few weeks now. I’ve been impressed with the quality of the supplements, as well as the sustainability and ethics behind the brand. 

This Nothing Fishy review will go into the most important details you need to know about if you’re considering trying the supplements from this sea-loving UK company. 

Nothing fishy omega 3 softgels holding hand

Our Review: Nothing Fishy

Well dosed supplements
Ethically grown algae-based and vegan friendly
Makes use compostable packaging and reusable jars 
Easy to take supplements
Pricing in line with other vegan supplements

Disclaimer: Nothing Fishy gifted me these products to try. This is no way influences my genuine thoughts in this review, which hasn’t been approved by Nothing Fishy. The review does contain affiliate links, which don’t affect the product price in any way. They do however help with the running costs of this site.

Quick Verdict on Nothing Fishy supplements

Nothing Fishy offers a core range of plant-based alternative health supplements. The Omega 3, Vitamin D3 and Irish Sea Moss come in compostable packaging with the idea that they get decanted into mini glass jars with cork stoppers – these look great on the side in the kitchen by the way. 

The products themselves seem to be of very good quality. The softgels are very easy to take and you get absolutely no aftertaste. Once you’ve finished a packet, you can then order refills to top up your glass jars once more.

Nothing Fishy tells us that the algae oil used to make the products is grown ethically in pools of salt water away from the ocean. This way, they can ensure purity and that they’re not damaging the ocean ecosystem in any way. Using algae instead of fish oil to create their omega 3 supplement is much more sustainable.

Nothing Fishy Product Range

Nothing Fishy produce three main products at present. These are all vegan friendly and designed to provide essential nutrients that can often be lacking in a plant-based diet. Let’s take a closer look at the products. 

Omega 3s

nothing fishy omega 3s
Omega 3 softgels in glass jar

Omega 3s are highly beneficial fatty acids. They play important roles in the health of your eyes, brain, heart, skin and in the development of babies during pregnancy.

Nothing Fishy’s omega 3 supplement is derived from algae oil. They actually use a type of microalgae called schizochytrium, which is found in wild, coastal marine habitats.

Each omega 3 softgel contains 200mg of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). This is one of three omega fatty acids, the other two being eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and alpha linolenic acid (ALA), which aren’t present in these algae-based omegas.  

Depending on how many omegas you take in from other sources, Nothing Fishy recommends taking either one or two softgels, which would bring the dosage up to 400mg. I take in other omega sources throughout the week, including from fish, nuts and seeds, so I just take one capsule. 

How does the dosage compare to other supplements? 

Nothing fishy packaging delivered
How the Nothing Fishy supplements were delivered

Before Nothing Fishy, I was taking a fish-based omega supplement from Warrior Nutrition, which contained only 120mg of DHA. This supplement also contained 180mg of EPA. 

I’ve had omega 3-6-9 supplements in the past that contained. For example, one from Bulk contains 144mg of DHA, 450mg of ALA and 216mg of EPA.

Of course, the primary benefit from Nothing Fishy’s omega 3s is that you get the goodness without the environmental impact of fishing. 

Vitamin D 

Vitamin D is an important nutrient involved in immune support and the health of bones and teeth.

nothing fishy vitamin d3
Algae-based Vitamin D3 softgels

Our skin can produce vitamin D when exposed to the sun. But it’s not done in great quantities, making vitamin D a supplement that everyone should be taking everyday. Particularly here in the not so sunny north of England. 

Strangely, vitamin D3 is usually produced from an ingredient derived from lanolin obtained from sheep’s wool. Not with Nothing Fishy though.

Nothing Fishy’s vitamin D3 is purely plant-based and is derived from algae. Each softgel capsule is packed with 1000IU of vitamin D3. In the winter it’s recommended to take 2000IU of vitamin D3 daily, whereas in the summer, 1000IU should be enough. 

The capsule also contains sunflower seed oil as a carrier for the vit D3. 

Irish Sea Moss

I’ve tried a lot of supplements in the past, but Irish sea moss is a new one for me!

Nothing fishy irish sea moss
Irish sea moss capsules in all their glory

Irish sea moss is an edible type of seaweed found on the rocky Atlantic coastlines of Ireland. This is a nutrient-rich substance containing:

  • Potassium
  • Iodine
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin C

Together, these nutrients are beneficial for healthy immune functioning, digestion, skin health and overall well-being. Sounds good to me. 

Each capsule of Nothing Fishy’s Irish sea moss contains 400mg of sea moss extract, plus extracts from bladderwrack, burdock root, black pepper and peppermint. These other ingredients are said to complement the sea moss to offer a well-rounded health and well-being supplement. 

How’ve I found the supplements? 

As I write this I’m very near the end of my first batch of Nothing Fishy supplements. 

Overall, I’ve found all three to be really good in terms of ease of taking, immediate taste and aftertaste – there have definitely been no fish burps here that are usually associated with other fish-based supplements. 

Nothing Fishy state that it could be 1-3 months of regular supplementation before you start to feel the full benefits. I do try to look after my health and it’s safe to say that I feel good taking these supplements.  

I particularly like the small size softgels and the very practical jars, which I keep on my desk so I’m reminded to take them each morning. 

I’ve been impressed with Nothing Fishy and I’d certainly recommend their supplements for anyone looking for vegan friendly alternatives. 

Sustainability behind Nothing Fishy

nothing fishy empty glass jars
Refillable glass jars

It’s clear that Nothing Fishy are trying their best to operate with ethics and the environment in mind. 

Firstly, their products offer a plant-based alternative to fish oils and other supplements that can contain animal products. I won’t get into the argument of whether a vegan lifestyle is healthier than a diet with animal products, but I agree that it’s more ethical. 

By using algae sources instead of fish, Nothing Fishy are playing their part in helping at-risk ocean fish stocks. Growing algae in salt water pools also has a much reduced environmental footprint, especially compared to mass fishing practices. 


nothing fishy compostable packaging
Compostable, plant-based packaging

Nothing Fishy’s softgel supplements come in compostable packets. This is a major bonus. On first look, you wouldn’t think the refill packets are compostable but the packet is made from:

  • Outer layer of biobased kraft paper made from cellulose
  • Middle layer of Natureflex made from cellouse
  • Inner layer of PLA (a type of bioplastic) made from sugarcane and maize

Your first lot of supplements also come with a little glass jar with a cork stopper. These are both sustainable materials – cork is one of my favourites – so this gets a big tick from me. 

Where can you buy Nothing Fishy?

The best place to buy Nothing Fishy is from their website

On the website you can buy each supplement individually, get bundles of the product and order refill packets, which are priced at 25% less than with the jar. 

If you really like them and want to boost your health over the long term, you can subscribe for regular deliveries and save 35%. 

Nothing Fishy Discount Code

To make your purchase even more cost effective, you can use the code TINYECO15 for 15% off your first order.  

Go to Nothing Fishy website
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