BBC Radio 1 Minute of Me Environment Special – Here’s What I Had To Say

What an unreal experience it was to hear myself on BBC Radio 1’s Minute of Me Environment Special!

I was recently contacted by the team at Radio 1 asking if I’d like to participate in their environment special Minute of Me. This series is airing to tie in with the UN’s COP26 Climate Change Conference. Suffice to say, I jumped at the chance to get involved!

It’s nothing short of an honour to be asked to put together my thoughts and feelings on climate change, albeit packed into about 45 seconds, on the back of the work from this website. I was asked to explain how climate change is affecting me, what my main concerns are and, importantly, what am I doing about it. As the quote goes, all good thoughts and ideas mean nothing without action.

My Minute of Me recording sits alongside all the other great and inspirational stories going out on the hour every hour across Radio 1 to shine a spotlight on the environment, and hopefully inspire budding environmentalists to start their journey too.

My Minute of Me first went out at 9am on 3rd November on Greg James’ morning show (who shared some very nice comments!), then again at 4pm on the 4th November on Vick and Jordan’s Going Home show.

Here’s what I had to say. You can listen to the recording here.

Tiny Eco Home Life Minute of Me: Environment Special

My name is Ben Hardman, I’m from Salford, and I run a sustainability website.

I write and publish informational blogs about living a more sustainable, greener life.

I cover topics from simple questions on recycling and eco alternatives, to more complicated environmental issues.

My main concern about the climate stems from the way humans are literally changing the face of the Earth.

Green space and nature as a whole are so important for us and the climate, but we’re losing landscapes, dismantling habitats and breaking down ecosystems on a massive scale without realising it.

Through my website, I aim to spread high quality, reliable information. I want to encourage others to make better choices by sharing knowledge and introducing new information.

For some reason there aren’t many males from northern cities like me talking about sustainability and being eco friendly. I want to change this, lead by example and have a positive impact.

Thank you to the BBC Radio 1 team again for, first of all inviting me to share my brief story, and secondly for putting together this Minute of Me Environment Special series. Great work.

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Ben & Murphy Peaks Mam Tor

I’m the Creator and Editor of Tiny Eco Home Life. I write and publish information about living a more sustainable, environmentally friendly life. Away from the laptop, I love spending time in nature and with my young family (plus Murphy the dog!). I write and send out the Eco Life Newsletter.