7 Best Places To Find Second Hand Log Burners For Sale Near You

Are you in the market to buy a second hand log burner?

Good idea!

Buying a second hand wood burner on the used market is a great idea.

Let’s explain why, plus your best places to find a used second hand wood burning stove for sale.

Why you should go for a second hand wood burner

Finding second hand log burners for sale has always been an option. However, the recent spike in interest for used wood burners has come about for a few of reasons.

Firstly, buying and installing a brand new wood burning stove can be expensive. Not necessarily just to buy the stove, but when you factor in the extra work and installation costs, it mounts up.

At the lower end, you’re talking £1,500 to buy and install a new wood burner. And I’d say that’s minimum unless you know a handy friend. Realistically, it’s going to be north of £2,000.

So, a used log burner is a cheaper option.

Secondly, the UK is facing a household energy price crisis.

Bills are escalating at obscene rates and people are turning towards tried and tested log burners to heat their living space. Appliances such as electric heaters, electric fires and even gas fires are being used instead of putting the central heating on.

With a wood burner you know what you’re getting and you can reduce your mains energy usage.

You can find more info on how much a log burner costs to run here.

Thirdly, using a pre-existing resource instead of buying new is a more sustainable choice if you’re an eco conscious person.

When you take these factors together, it’s no wonder why people are turning towards second hand wood burners.

Cost of a Second Hand Wood Burner

Buying a second hand log burner is a fantastic choice for those who don’t want to pay the cost for a brand new stove.

Second hand stoves tend to come to the market for a few reasons. The main reason is when people are renovating a room or their home and are either replacing or getting rid of the log burner.

The headline is this – a second hand wood burner will be cheaper than a brand new one.

Prices for a second hand wood burner can start from as little as £100 and go up to £750. You can pick up a very good second hand log burner between £300 and £500.

These prices are very reasonable. As always, make sure you know exactly what you’re buying and what’s included within the price.

The cost for a second hand log burner will vary depending on the condition, size, age and quality.

However, you may be surprised that small wood burners and even different types of Ecodesign log burners can be very affordable. These new stoves can start from around £475. It’s usually the extras and installation that bump the prices up.

Do the new Ecodesign regulations apply to second hand stoves?

If you’ve been researching about wood burning stoves, you’d undoubtedly have come across the new Ecodesign regulations that come into force on 1st January 2022.

These new regulations make it illegal for manufacturers to sell new stoves that don’t pass strict environmental tests to reduce emissions and particulate matter. All new stoves have to be certified to enter the market.

The regulations also apply to new solid fuel and biomass boilers.

The 2022 Ecodesign regulations do not apply to existing stoves and those already in the supply chain.

This means if you already have a stove in your home or are looking to buy one second hand, the regulations do not apply.

Used Log Burners For Sale – Where To Find One Near Me?

Before I list out the main places to buy a second hand log burner from, please make sure you do your due diligence on all sellers.

As you know, there can be some sneaky, underhand people out there concocting up scams. Anyone can put a picture on the internet. Before you pay up, make sure you’ve seen the stove and are happy with it.

When buying a second hand stove, just make sure you know exactly what you’re buying. Always check to see exactly what is included.

For example, is the flue included in the price? What about the hearth? You can buy these things separately but just make sure you are aware.

Here are a few excellent places to find a used wood burner for for sale.

Find Second Hand Log Burners For Sale Near You

clear vision used stove for sale
Clearview vision 8kw used stove on Ebay

1. Used Wood Burners on Ebay

I think Ebay is a fantastic marketplace to pick up most things second hand!

There’s a wide range of second hand log burners on there. Most are going at auction or at very reasonable buy it now prices – there are certainly a few gems to be had.

You can also pick up your stove accessories on Ebay such as stove fans and log baskets.

Find the latest second hand stove listings

used log burner ebay
Second hand log burner in good working order for less than £200

2. Preloved.co.uk

Just like Ebay, Preloved is another good second hand marketplace. In fact, Preloved is one of the UK’s largest classified advert websites.

You’ll find a few used log burners on Preloved, although not quite as many as on Ebay. You can also pick up kindling and logs on here for a good price.

View the Preloved wood burner listings here

3. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a really good resource to find local second hand items for sale.

I’ve bought numerous items from Marketplace in the past, including a second hand baby carrier, baby jumperoo and walker, bike equipment, plus more.

With a quick glance, I can also see second hand log burners for sale near me.

4. Log Burner Chat Group

At the time of writing, there are 36,000 people in this Facebook group!

Literally everything you could ever think of has been covered on log burners.

You get the odd one coming up for sale too, so it’s definitely worth a look.

charnwood second hand log burner for sale
Second hand Charnwood log burner for sale

5. Gumtree

Gumtree is another classified ads site where people sell anything and everything, including used log burners.

Like Preloved, you’ll find a few used stoves on here at the time, plus accessories, but it’s certainly worth a look if you’re on the search for a second hand stove.

Find wood burners on Gumtree

second hand wood burner gumtree
Second hand log burner on Gumtree

6. For-sale.co.uk

Like the other sites here, for-sale.co.uk is an auction place and listings market for both second hand goods and new items.

You might be able to find a few stove options on here at any one time. Always worth a look.

7. Authentic Reclamation

Unlike the other places listed above, Authentic Reclamation is a specialist website where you can find traditional, reclaimed materials.

You can find reclaimed log burners on here, as well as hearths, fire backs, tiles and all sorts of building materials, including bricks, flooring, beams and tonnes more. A great website.

Find the Authentic Reclamation listings here

Wrap up on second hand wood burners for sale

There you have it, some of the best second hand sites in the UK where you can buy used log burners and stoves.

For me the best option for a used stove is on Ebay – Ebay is the largest second hand marketplace and you can find plenty of hidden gems here.

All these options are given with the best intentions, but please make sure you do your own research and check out each seller to make sure they are genuine.

Best of luck on your hunt for a second hand log burner.

Good wood for your stove

hardwood heat logs lekto

With a log burner, you’re going to need some good quality logs!

Burning poor quality fuel and incorrect items can damage your stove in the long run.

One of my favourite places to buy logs and other fuel online is through Lekto Wood Fuels.

Lekto supply high quality items including natural firelights, kindling and a range of different logs and biomass riquettes.

They sell a range of pack sizes and can even deliver your fuel on a pallet to make sure you’re covered for a while! Check them out here.

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