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Second Hand Shepherd’s Hut for Sale – Where to Find a Used Shepherd’s Hut?

second hand huts for sale where to find uk

Buying a second hand shepherd’s hut is becoming a very popular and sought after option on the open market.  

The recent spike in interest for used shepherd’s huts has come around for a couple of reasons. We’ve seen a little more coverage on mainstream media outlets thanks to a number of good television programmes here in the UK and the complementing newspaper articles.

Plus we’ve also seen a big recent surge in UK glamping holidays, meaning more people are finding huts naturally whilst searching for UK getaways.

This then leads to an inevitable sequence of consequences, as I found out first hand, which goes something like this: 1) Book a shepherd’s hut holiday, 2) Stay in a shepherd’s hut, 3) Marvel in the beauty and craftsmanship, 4) Develop a slight obsession.

This popularity increase has meant that finding a good second hand shepherd’s hut for sale isn’t always easy. However, the good news is that you can definitely find a second hand used shepherd’s hut with a little bit of digging around.

Hopefully, this article will provide you with some good information and a few useful places where you can get your hands on a second hand shepherd’s hut for sale.

The cost of a second hand shepherd’s hut?

Buying a second hand shepherd’s hut is a great choice for those who don’t want to splash out on a brand new hut. You can also get ex-display or ex-demo huts for sale on occasions, but these tend to be quite rare and don’t last long once they’re for sale.

The price for a new shepherd’s hut made by a UK manufacturer will start from £10,000 for the smallest version. Once you’ve customised it to your taste and furnished it, there won’t be much change from £15,000. There are a lot of advantages to buying new but it might be the price that’s a bit too much.

A second hand shepherd’s hut will be cheaper and you won’t have to wait a couple of months for it to be built.

The price for a second hand hut clearly varies too depending on the age, condition, size, build quality and finish. Shepherd’s huts do keep their value quite well, so you should still expect to pay well into the thousands but less than £10,000 as a ballpark figure.

To be classed as a second hand shepherd’s hut you’ll probably looking for a hut that’s older than 10 years.

Used shepherd’s hut for sale – Where to find?

Before I list out the main places to buy a second hand hut from, please make sure you do your due diligence on all sellers.

As we know, there can be some deceptive people out there and scams happen far too often, so have your wits about you when trying to buy a second hand shepherd’s hut and don’t transfer deposit money until you’ve seen it, inspected it and are happy with everything. Anyone can save a few images and put a listing on a sale or auction site, so please do full due diligence.

You can even find show huts for sale on hut builders’ sites, for example here on Plain Huts and here on English Shepherd’s Huts.

Here are a few good places where you can find a used second hand shepherd’s hut for sale.

Second hand shepherd’s huts for sale

second hand shepherd's hut for sale wooden exterior on preloved
A lovely second hand shepherd’s hut that is for sale on Preloved UK for £7,5000 ONO. Source:

1. Shepherd’s Huts for Sale on

No doubt you’ve heard of Ebay already.

Here you’ll find many second hand shepherd’s huts for sale, and usually for a good price. You’ll also see new huts for sale on there.

Always double check the seller and line up a viewing before committing to buy. Many second hand huts need a bit of TLC, so it’s always worth checking out what you’re working with first.

Check out the latest Ebay shepherd’s hut listings here

second hand shepherds hut for sale on ebay
Second hand shepherd’s hut for sale on Ebay for £10,000


Preloved usually has a few good shepherd’s huts for sale at any one time. If you’ve not heard of it before, Preloved is the UK’s largest classified advert sites. As with any seller, always double check their legitimacy before purchase.

Have a look at the Preloved website here.

3. – Ex-display shepherd’s huts

Houtt Cabin Co are cabin and outdoor room making company based in Essex. Headed up by Andrew, they produce carefully crafted, considered and sustainable spaces, including shepherd’s huts, used as home offices, glamping units and garden rooms.

They currently have an ex-display cabin available (shown below), fitted with a double bed to one end and a lovely desk/table area to the other.

The cabin comes fully insulated, with cedar clad on the outside, pine panelled interior, full electrics and with a solid wood floor.

This is a great little hut – head over to the huts for sale page before it’s gone! If interested, please mention Tiny Eco Home Life.

houtt shepherds hut ex display second hand cabin

4. Shepherd’s Hut UK and Ireland Facebook Group

You will have to be vetted and approved to join this group, so only join if you are serious about buying a second hand hut or at least very interested to find out more.

They have a buy and sell section where second hand shepherd’s huts are often advertised and listed for sale by independent sellers and small business owners.

5. – ex-demo and ex-display shepherd’s huts

Garden Hideouts is a Worcestshire-based business selling the likes of garden pods, garden rooms and shepherd’s huts. They do have one or two ex-display huts that get listed on the for sale section of their website.

garden hideouts second hand hut
Second hand hut available on Garden Hideouts

6. is a classified ads and auction website that rounds up listings on various other websites to save you from searching on each one.

7. Gumtree

Gumtree is a classified ads website selling all sorts of things, including shepherd’s huts. It perhaps goes without saying but do be careful on this platform. Although most sellers are genuine you always get a few bad apples.

What to use a second hand shepherd’s hut for?

The increase in popularity across the board has in turn caused an increase in shepherd’s hut businesses. More people are now snapping up huts to rent out on the holiday market knowing they can recoup at least £100 a night. They’re even converting into an original and quirky business, such as a mobile coffee hut and food business.

Many people are also buying second hand shepherd’s huts for their own personal use.

A shepherd’s hut makes for a fantastic garden retreat, a lovely home office space (particularly as so many people are now working from home), a ‘granny’ annex and even as a full time living alternative for some.

Can I buy a restored shepherd’s hut?

Absolutely. With shepherd’s huts being around since the 1800s, there’s usually the odd one or two traditional shepherd’s hut that have been found, salvaged and restored back to their former glory, often even better than they were originally. Read a little more on the history of shepherd’s huts here.

There are probably so many huts standing in far flung corners of fields and forests that have been there for decades and not touched, still to be rediscovered.

If you are lucky enough to come across an original Victorian shepherd’s hut the stars will have aligned for you. These are true antiques and can now fetch a fair sum. The hut dimensions of an original means it won’t be big enough to accommodate a full kitchen and bathroom. This type of hut will probably be a maximum of 12ft x 6ft.

You might see a restored hut crop up on one of the second hand sites mentioned above or it can be the case that a shepherd hut maker in the UK gets their hands on one and makes it known via their website.

You can find a big list of hut makers who have shepherd’s hut for sale here, which is handily split down by location so you can see which manufacturers are closest to you.

Please note that all the options and places given here to find a second hand shepherd’s hut for sale are given with the best intentions. Scammers and other deceitful people do exist on these second hand sales platforms, as well as elsewhere of course, so please do check and double check everything when looking online.

This blog post does contain a few affiliate links. This does not change anything for you, it just means that I may earn a small commission to say thanks should you go on to buy a hut.

Good luck with your second hand shepherd’s hut searching!

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