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Serious Tissues Review 2023: How Good Is This Carbon Neutral Toilet Roll?

serious tissues review box

Are you trying to find out if Serious Tissues are any good?

Maybe you’ve heard about their eco toilet paper. Or perhaps about their recycled kitchen roll?

This Serious Tissues review will help you decide if they’re worth trying out.

I’ve used a number of Serious Tissues products over the past 6 months and have been impressed. But how does it all stack up?

In this review I’ll go over who the company are, talk about the Serious Tissues toilet roll, discuss whether it’s sustainable or not, plus a few more details.

Who owns Serious Tissues?

Serious Tissues are a UK company started in 2020 by 4 dads – Chris, Cemal, Richard and Martin.

They started the company as a way to do their bit to combat climate change and stop the unnecessary cutting down of trees to make toilet paper.

I agree. Why should we cut down trees just to make toilet roll? It doesn’t really make sense.

After starting off making one of the best eco friendly toilet rolls, Serious Tissues now produce a small range of products including:

The recycled toilet roll details

serious tissues eco toilet paper

Serious Tissues are said to have produced the UK’s first carbon neutral toilet roll. Their carbon neutral status claim has been verified by a third party company who specialise in calculating carbon footprints.

The Serious Tissues toilet roll is fully made from recycled paper sourced across the UK. This is great to hear.

From this, they’ve produced a good quality 3 ply toilet roll.

Here’s a snapshot of what you get with a Serious Tissues toilet paper box.

  • 36 rolls per box
  • Made with 100% recycled paper from UK sources
  • Toilet roll made in the UK
  • 3 ply thickness
  • 240 sheets per roll (almost 50%) longer than your standard supermaket rolls
  • Packaged in recycled cardboard box

Recycled vs bamboo toilet paper

Serious Tissues make a point of emphasising that their toilet rolls are made from recycled paper rather than bamboo.

Is this better?

Using recycled paper from the likes of UK offices, newspapers and cereal boxes helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the product in comparison to bamboo-based toilet paper.

The main issue with bamboo toilet paper is that it’s grown in China and often goes through the manufacturing process here too, like it does with Who Gives A Crap. To get to the UK it’s then shipped half way across the world.

Some companies, like Naked Sprout, ship the bamboo to Europe where they then manufacture their products in a certified carbon neutral factory.

Despite this, bamboo is considered a sustainable material because of the way it’s grown. It’s actually a type of grass that will regrow rapidly once harvested. This is a much better option that felling a tree, which would then take decades to grown again.

Where are Serious Tissues toilet rolls made?

serious tissues box

The Serious Tissues toilet paper is made in the UK. Their factory is located just outside Manchester in Lancashire.

For those of us trying to live a more sustainable life, this is really good news.

Local is always the best option when it comes to buying products as it helps to lower the carbon footprint associated with transportation. Plus you’re usually helping out a smaller business.

For me, it doesn’t get much more local than this!

Is Serious Tissues toilet paper any good?

Ok, you can see that Serious Tissues produce an eco toilet paper, but is it any good?

The answer is an overwhelming yes. In my opinion, the toilet paper produced by Serious Tissues is great.

Although made from 100% recycled materials, you wouldn’t think so if you were comparing against the market leaders.

The Serious Tissues loo roll is a high quality product that has stood the test of time in our household.

Are Serious Tissues sustainable?

serious tissues eco toilet paper

Aside from making good quality, sustainable products, Serious Tissues care about important environmental issues too.

Firstly, they are a carbon neutral company and have created the UK’s first carbon neutral toilet roll (more on that just below).

I’d consider Serious Tissues to be a very sustainable company for the following reasons:

  • Locally made product
  • Uses 100% recycled paper – no trees cut down
  • No plastic – no plastic wrappers
  • Comes in a recyclable cardboard box
  • No use of dyes or perfumes
  • Vegan friendly

Although Serious Tissues state they don’t use any unnecessary chemicals, they do use a non-chlorine and non-bleach based solution to decolourise the paper, so it appears an off-white colour.

Whitening paper is purely done for aesthetics. It’s the same story for the likes of white vs brown coffee filters. It would be more sustainable if Serious Tissues didn’t whiten their paper, but then I’m assuming less people would buy it.

For every toilet roll bought, Serious Tissues will also plant a tree. So far they’ve planted over 1.4 million trees. They use a few different companies to do this, details of which haven’t been given. I use Ecologi for my tree planting and carbon offsetting who are brilliant.

So, how are Serious Tissues carbon neutral?

Serious Tissues have used a third party organisation ( to provide a comprehensive look at their full carbon footprint.

To do this, emission calculations need to be done in three areas: Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 (more details on the different Scopes here).

Establishing detailed greenhouse gas emissions is a key step for a company to reduce their environmental impact.

Proper environmental reporting gives a greater understanding of where emissions are being emitted, which allows for reduction targets to be set, reduction plans to be put in place and hopefully actions at the end of it all.

Reducing emissions at source, rather than offsetting, should always be the first port of call. This can then be supplemented with tree planting and carbon offsetting.

Serious Tissues vs Who Gives A Crap

who gives a crap eco toilet paper

Here’s where it starts to get interesting.

I’m sure you would have heard of Who Gives A Crap.

This Australian toilet paper company have been taking ethical businesses by storm. Their striking name and colourful designs make them a winner from marketing point of view, but what’s my verdict on Serious Tissues vs Who Gives A Crap?

Comparing the recycled toilet paper of both companies, I thought there was a gulf in quality.

The toilet paper from Serious Tissues was softer, thicker and seemed more luxurious. Even my partner didn’t realise I’d swapped it out at the time!

However she did notice the difference with Who Gives A Crap. The WGAC recycled toilet paper seemed to be thinner (even though it’s 3 ply still) and teared quite easily.

The other big point of consideration is where the toilet rolls are made. WGAC make their toilet roll in China, whereas Serious Tissues are made right here in the UK.

As you can read in my Who Gives A Crap review, they are a good, sustainable company making recycled and bamboo toilet paper. But I didn’t find their product as good, plus it comes with a heavier carbon footprint.

All things considered, my winner is Serious Tissues.

How much does the toilet paper cost?

For a box of 36 toilet rolls you will pay:

  • £31.05 when you subscribe (delivered every 1-3 months)
  • £34.50 for a one off purchase

Considering you get 240 sheets of 3 ply paper per toilet roll, this represents very good value. For a box of 36 toilet rolls you get a total of 8,640 sheets.

At a price of £34.50, this equates to £0.96 per roll or around 40p per 100 sheets.

How does this compare to other toilet paper brands?

Let’s take Who Gives A Crap.

With their recycled toilet paper you get 24 toilet rolls for £28. Each of their rolls is made up of 400 sheets. So, for a box of 24 toilet rolls you get 9,600 sheets altogether.

Priced at £28, this gives us a price of is £1.16 per roll or around 30p per 100 sheets.

Serious Tissues Discount Code

If you’re looking to buy and try out a box of Serious Tissues toilet roll, I’d highly recommend them.

Just enter my TINYECO Serious Tissues discount code at checkout for a generous 20% off your total order!

serious tissues review box

Before you go…

Opting for an eco toilet paper is just one easy way to switch towards a more eco friendly bathroom.

There are loads of other swaps you can make over time to help you go green at home.

You might be interested to read about these eco friendly toilet cleaners to keep your basin prestine and clean in a more sustainable way.

There are also many sustainable toothpaste brands you can try, as well as more eco friendly shampoos.

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