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Find a Shepherd’s Huts for Sale in the North East (Yorkshire, Northumberland and Durham)

    yorkshire hut company shepherds hut

    Breathtaking scenery, spanning moorlands, rugged coastlines and great cities, the North East of England is not far from having it all. A bit more sunshine would help of course, but you can’t have it all!

    It’s not surprising therefore that you might be interested in finding a shepherd’s hut for sale in the region. It’s idyllic for a relaxing and a slightly slower pace of life, which matches up perfectly for a weekend getaway holiday or even for your own private use. Shepherd huts are becoming ever more popular as a personal office space for those who work from home.

    The North East is a fairly broad and takes into account the distinct regions of Yorkshire (East Riding, North, West and South Yorkshire), Durham, Tyne and Wear, Northumberland.

    If you’re wondering about price, the cost of a new shepherd’s hut will change from hut builder to hut builder, but a ballpark figure of between £10,000 and £20,000 covers most. Not bad really when you think that you are actually buying the equivalent of a small, compact home, or certainly can be at least depending on the fixtures, fittings and items inside your shepherd’s hut.  

    Shepherd’s hut builders in the North East

    Here’s a little look at the shepherd’s hut builders you can find in the North East, including those in Yorkshire, Durham and Northumberland. Below you’ll find more detail on each of the builders in each area of the North East.

    With the hut builders shown below, you can be sure that you’re getting a UK built, hand-crafted, quality piece of manufacturing. A well-made hut should last you decades.

    If you want to look a bit further afield, you can find a big list of many shepherd’s hut manufacturers in the UK here.

    • The Yorkshire Hut Company
    • Westwood Shepherd’s Huts
    • The Shabby Hut Company
    • Bluebell Shepherd’s Huts
    • Northumberland Huts
    • Blackdene Shepherd’s Huts

    Shepherd’s Huts for Sale in Yorkshire

    The Yorkshire Hut Company, Yorkshire

    yorkshire hut company shepherds hut
    Source: The Yorkshire Hut Company

    Based in York, the Yorkshire Hut Company is a family run business who specialise in stunning, hand-crafted huts. They have plenty of experience behind them in the furniture making industry and have now applied those skills in constructing quality huts.

    The Yorkshire Hut Company pride themselves on having not made one shepherd’s hut the same as another one. Each customer is truly an individual here.

    Visit the Yorkshire Hut Company here.

    Westwood Shepherd’s Huts, Yorkshire

    westwood shepherds hut builder yorkshire
    Source: Westwood Shepherd’s Hut

    Luxury, style and a bit of the countryside, all majestically crafted together in Beverley, East Yorkshire. Westwood Shepherd’s Huts are a family business with over 26 years’ carpentry experience. Keeping it local, they try to source as many materials as they can from nearby independent merchants.

    They have a number of specifications they build to but can also adjust any design and make it bespoke to you. The Mill is their signature hut and measures 12ft by 8ft.

    Head over to the Westwood Shepherd’s Hut website.

    The Shabby Hut Company, Yorkshire

    shabby hut company shepherds hut builder
    Source: Shabby Hut Company

    Shabby may be in the name, but certainly not in the finished product. The Shabby Hut Company, operating just outside of Harrogate, are a team of trained joiners and designers making shepherd’s huts for all occasions, including as an office room, holiday let, reading room and beauty salon.

    Visit the Shabby Hut company website.

    Shepherd’s Huts for Sale in Northumberland

    Northumberland Hut, Northumberland

    northumberland huts shepherds hut in a field
    Source: Northumberland Hut

    The great thing about Northumberland Huts is that they produce beautiful, quality-filled huts in the most eco-friendly way they can using reclaimed wood and other salvaged materials. According to their website, they believe their huts are the ‘greenest’ on the market. The results are stunning, characterful huts.

    The builders take a very personal and creative approach to each hut to make sure the final product surpasses expectations.  

    Find out more on the Northumberland Hut website.

    Bluebell Shepherd’s Huts, Northumberland

    black corrugated iron shepherds hut by bluebell
    Source: Bluebell Shepherds Huts

    Made in the heartlands of Northumberland, Bluebell Shepherd’s Huts build traditional huts that are ready for the new generation. Vintage in appearance, these huts are stunning to look which combines nicely with quality manufacturing and luxuriousness you’d expect on the inside.  

    Each hut is individual designed and specified for the buyer and can be anywhere from 12ft in length to 20ft. There are plenty of customisable options in the finishes to make the hut truly perfect for you.

    Visit the Bluebell Shepherd’s Hut site here.

    Shepherd’s Huts for Sale in Durham

    Blackdene Shepherd’s Huts, Durham

    blackdene shepherds hut in a field next to a tree
    Source: Blackdene Shepherd’s Huts

    Established in 2017, Blackdene Shepherd’s Huts are a small family business specialising in the building of mobile spaces. The main focus of Blackdene is quality and luxury. They offer four main designs and include many extra fittings as standard, such as retro ironmongery and thermafleece sheepswool insulation.

    The good thing is that there ‘standard’ huts can be adapted to meet your precise requirements and preferences, including off-grid hut versions.

    Have a look at the Blackdene Shepherd’s Hut website.

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