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Shepherd’s Hut Floor Plan: How Big is a Shepherd’s Hut?

Just how big is a shepherd’s hut inside?

Quite a common question for those looking to buy a hut, those searching out an extended weekend break and even those looking at full-time hut living.

The answer is fairly surprising – quite a lot.

Despite its diminutive size, a good shepherd’s hut floor plan and layout manages to fit in all the essential furniture items, necessary amenities and even a few extras for a fantastic stay, be it short-term or long-term.

How big is a shepherd’s hut?

The smallest shepherd’s hut measures 12ft x 6ft.

In this you’ll be able to fit in a main, large item, such as a bed, desk or workspace, some living space, potentially storage space, a nice log burner to keep you toasty and/or a kitchen area, all depending on what fits in with your plans.

What you might be hard pressed to fit in is a toilet and shower quarters.

Many modern huts have now been lengthened and widened slightly to be able to fit in everything needed for a peaceful, relaxing, very comfortable stay. You now get huts that have been converted into retail units, catering trailers and even great looking coffee outlets. These specialist types of huts do not need to be huge, and tend to be more in line with traditional sizes.

Large shepherd’s hut size

Huts start to lengthen in size when you add an en-suite, permanent double bed area, sofas and full kitchen units.

A large shepherd’s hut can be considered anywhere from 18ft all the way up to 28ft long, and can be 3ft wider than a traditional hut, reaching 9ft wide.

When you get up to this very large size, it’s worth noting that you wouldn’t be able to legally tow it on UK roads. The maximum trailer width for any vehicle is 2.55m or just over 8ft. See this blog on are tiny homes mobile for more detail.

This larger size of shepherd’s hut will fit all essentials in – double bed, kitchen and units, seating area, small table, small wood burner, toilet and shower.

Shepherd’s Hut Layout

So, what do the floor plans look like for different sized shepherd’s huts? And what kind of items can you fit in each?

Let’s take a look starting from small and traditional and heading towards large and ultra-modern.

Small shepherd’s hut floor plans

A small shepherd’s hut floor plan generally covers designs that are 12-14ft in length. For living, they’re not big enough to fit a toilet and shower room but can be fitted out how you want depending on what you intend to use the hut for.

For example, the more traditional sizes would make for a perfect home office hut or garden chill out zone, rather than a form of living quarters or glamping space.

floorplan of mickleden hut measuring 12ft by 7ft
Image: Mickleden Hut by Cumbrian Huts measuring 12 x 7ft.

The plan above by Cumbrian Shepherd’s Huts shows a blank canvas of a floor plan measuring 12ft x 7ft to be fitted out how you choose. You’d still be able to fit plenty in here.

Medium shepherd’s hut floor plans

A medium sized floor plan for a shepherd’s hut will range from 14ft to 18ft in length and 6-7ft in width. Let’s take a look at a few examples.

pumphrey and weston shepherds hut floor plan 14ft x 7ft
Image: 14ft x 7ft shepherd’s hut by Pumphrey and Weston.

The floor plan above comes from Pumphrey and Weston and is a little bigger than the traditional versions at 14ft x 7ft.

They have shown you how this one could be fitted out with a double bed, kitchenette, small wood-burning stove and fold down table. Looks superb. Pumphrey and Weston also do 16ft and 18ft versions which can come with a toilet and shower room. Find more details on their website here.

the cabin model b 3d image floor plan by plankbridge
Image: The Cabin Model B by Plankbridge measuring 16ft x 7ft.

Plankbridge have produced highly visual 3D models for their huts to give you a real idea of what it will look like.

The 16ft long floor plan above shows how the space could be fitted out with a kitchen unit, wood burner, booth seating with a table and fantastic double doors. Looks tempting doesn’t it?

Large shepherd’s hut floor plans

A large floor plan will cover any shepherd’s hut from 18ft upwards. The width can also swell from 7ft to 9ft.

Also with impressive visuals on their floor plan is English Shepherd’s Hut. The Poachers Hut seen below is an 18ft design complete with double bed, kitchenette, wood burning stove and en-suite bathroom. It would make as the ideal living quarters for an weekend holiday stay. They also do a slightly bigger version than this at 20ft x 8.5ft with slightly more room and storage.

Image: The Poachers 18ft x 7.5ft hut by English Shepherd’s Huts

Plankbridge have also mocked up their bigger Cabin hut, as seen below, which also measures 18ft in length.

As you can see from both of these large floor plans, they are quite similar in design in terms of where the main big ticket furniture items reside. The double bed and hut bathroom tend to be at either end of the hut with the kitchen and living space in the middle. These two designs have different door set-ups and window arrangements, plus the Plankbridge one has incorporated a radiator and oven.

Between manufacturers all designs will differ as they are unique to them and each hut maker will have their quirks and hallmarks, whether this is the floor plan and furniture arrangement or the hut chassis design and build. Of course, material use will also differ too.

ashwood large hut floorplan
Image: Large 20ft hut by Ashwood Shepherd’s Huts

The 2D floor plan from Ashwood Shepherd Huts above shows the biggest hut we’ve seen yet at 20ft x 8ft. This time some more cupboard space and a table.

However, this is not quite as big as another beauty from English Shepherd’s Hut.

The below 3D image shows their Shepherd’s Lodge – which yes, does stretch the ‘hut’ category a tad. This is a simply stunning design and at 28ft x 11.5ft, it’s a whopper! From the design you can see separate bathroom and kitchen areas, proper living quarters with sofa and a wonderful sleeping area with log burner backing on to the bottom of the double bed.

This really would make for a luxury glamping experience any time of the year – in fact this is bordering on 5* hotel suite status.

shepherds lodge 3d image floor plan by english shepherds huts
Image: Shepherd’s Lodge by English Shepherd’s Huts.

For a good detailed shepherd’s hut layout, design and floor plan, you will have to pay for it. Free versions are hard to come by online but they are worth paying for anyway.

The majority of hut manufacturers in the UK are masters at what they do and their experience can often be invaluable.

Some hut manufacturers, such as Tithe Barns, offer floor plans and step by step guidance to purchase should you want to self-build your own shepherd’s hut.

You can find more informational content over on the shepherd’s hut information hub.

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