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21 Amazing Shepherd’s Hut Interior Designs You’ve Got To See

brosterfield berties retreat shepherd hut

They may look beautiful although simple and unassuming from the outside, but a shepherd’s hut interior can really have that incredible wow-factor.

Now well-known to host luxury glamping accommodation, a shepherd’s hut interior can be designed to create a unique space for your needs. Garden office, health parlour, mini-pub – below you’ll find some truly stunning designs to inspire.

The craft of a handmade shepherd’s hut is a wonderful sight to behold. Distinctive from a distance with its characterful cuboid shape, beautiful cladding, picturesque windows, sturdy door, curved corrugated roof gently pierced by the chimney from a small cast iron stove, all perched elegantly, almost floating, on a set of solid, rustic looking cast iron wheels.

And that’s just the outside. A shepherd’s hut interior can be just as beautiful and well-made, if not more so.

It’s here where a hut becomes a home, a remote office, a workshop, a sanctuary and a retreat. Inside you have a blank canvas to create a unique and bespoke space. And let me tell you, people design some utterly amazing interiors that you wouldn’t believe possible from the simple, unassuming nature of the outside.

If you have plans for a shepherd’s hut yourself or just want be inspired with some incredible interior design, keep reading.

21 of the Best Shepherd’s Hut Interiors

Without further ado, here are 21 of the best shepherd’s hut interiors I’ve seen, which I’ve grouped by hut manufacturer.

Please note, I’ve linked back to the original image source and hut maker so you can have a closer look at these amazing designs and their extremely talented creators. I’m likely to add to this list in the future, so make sure you save this page so you can keep having a look back and discover more designs.

#1 – 3: Yorkshire Hut Company

Beautiful living space, innovative design of the seating area and a wonderful office space-cum-reading hut, equipped with a bunk bed to have a quick nap – genius from the people at the Yorkshire Hut Company.

I’ve stayed in a Yorkshire Hut whilst at Morndyke Shepherd’s Huts and it was all done to a very high standard.


#4 – 7: Plankbridge Huts

shepherds hut interior bath plankbridge
shepherds hut interior bedroom two windows
reading and relaxing hut
bright creative office space shepherds hut

The guys at Plankbridge really are masters of their craft. Above are four amazing designs; a reading and relaxing hut, bright and creative office space, a bed space to quite literally dream of – the use of two lots of windows creates such an incredible view – and perhaps one of the nicest baths I’ve seen! Who wouldn’t want a nice, long soak in there?


#8 – 9: Red Sky Shepherd’s Huts

One’s lovely, cosy relaxing space with small cast iron log burner and the other is a health parlour with massage table. Both are shepherd’s hut and both are created by Red Sky Shepherd’s Huts.


#10 – 11: Blackdown Shepherd’s Hut

Blackdown produce some utterly stunning designs just like these two. Both of these designs hit the calming and luxury retreat brief right on the nose. Blackdown have also created a unique brace hut (two huts together) which has got to be seen! Find more amazing interior designs on their gallery below.


#12 – 13: Greendown Shepherd Huts

A couple of perfect holiday retreats here courtesy of the talented folk at Greendown Shepherd Huts. Both are incredibly welcoming, spacious, homely and high spec. They look like just the ideal spot to spend a long weekend with a few countryside walks.


#14 – 15: Pumphrey and Weston

Two completely different styles of shepherd’s hut interior from Cornwall-based Pumphrey and Weston. The first hut provides fresh and stylish luxury accommodation whereas the second hut has been cleverly converted into a top-spec drinks and catering trailer hut. You can’t tell me you wouldn’t want to sample a refreshing gin and tonic from there?!


#16 – 18: Roundhill Shepherd’s Huts

Roundhill Shepherd’s Hut really do push the creative boundaries with some of their incredibly quirky designs. A mini pub – who’d have thought it? It’s not often you see a painted roof space or rustic looking sleeping quarters. Hats off to Roundhill! Loads more examples of beautiful design on their website link below.


#19: Riverside Shepherd’s Huts

riverside shepherds hut interior design

When it comes to ingenious use of space, a wall bed is up there. Where once there was booth seating area and a table, now stands (or lies) a comfy double! The design skills of Riverside allow this bed to be neatly tucked away with exquisite precision when not needed. Note, I don’t think the gorgeous dog comes with the bed!


20-21: Brosterfield Farm Shepherd’s Huts

brosterfield berties retreat shepherd hut
brosterfield berties retreat shepherd hut

The first shepherd’s hut I ever stayed in and still one of the best.

Bertie’s and Digby’s huts located in the Peak District makes for a stunning high-spec stay. Everything is immaculate and there’s nothing they haven’t thought of inside with their hut interior. Read my review of Digby’s Hut at Brosterfield Farm here.

I’ve also stayed at Benllech Shepherd’s Huts, which source theirs from Brosterfield. Excellent.

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Shepherd’s hut interior ideas

To create the best interior you need to know what exactly you want from the space. If you have a firm idea of what you want to create – for example luxury holiday accommodation, a garden home office or catering hut – you’ll probably have a good idea of the layout required. There are, however, many things still to consider.

If you plan to rent your hut out on the glamping market, will you be including a shower and toilet? Will the seating area double up as fold-out bed or do you want to create a bespoke sleeping area? What will the seating area look like? What kind of spec do you want to fit the kitchen out to?

If you want to create a more versatile, relaxing space, you’ll have to choose the interior and materials very carefully in order to reach your desired outcome. You’ll also want to think about the feel you want to create. Do you want a traditional or modern style hut?

Remember, the original use of a shepherd’s hut was as temporary living quarters for a shepherd looking after his sheep. With the right fixtures and fittings it’s entirely possible to get a sense of the traditional use whilst still having a striking, contemporary feel.

Shepherd’s hut interior design tips

Whatever you want to create, you’ll want to think about these main interior design aspects.

  • The purpose of your hut
  • The type of style and feel you want to create
  • What kind of materials and resources you want to use
  • Lighting – natural and artificial
  • Will your hut be used all year round or seasonally?

Once you’ve had a good think around these bullet points, plus the inspiration you’ll gain from looking around, you’ll be on your way to designing your perfect hut.

If you know of any amazing shepherd’s hut interiors that are worthy of a place in the list above, drop me a message and I’ll be all too happy to take a look.

For even more added luxury on the outside, have a look at these shepherd’s hut with hot tubs or these fantastic, cosy huts for a shepherd’s hut holiday.

Check out the Shepherd’s Hut Interiors board on Pinterest for further ideas and inspiration.

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