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Shepherd’s Hut with Bathroom – All You Need To Know

shepherds hut layout from outside with bathroom and bedroom

Many people wanting to buy a shepherd’s hut in the UK will ask the question – “Does a shepherd’s hut come with a fully equipped bathroom?”

Because of the compact size of a hut, many don’t expect bathroom facilities but the short answer is, yes they certainly can come with a bathroom, but not all huts do.

Whether a shepherd hut comes with or without a bathroom generally comes down to two main things: the size of the hut and cost.

Makers of huts in the UK often have a range of specifications and hut models available for build, going from smaller bed-only huts to larger self-contained shepherd’s huts with sleeping quarters, kitchen facilities and bathroom featuring an en-suite toilet and shower. Many manufacturers will also help you out if you want to create an off-grid hut.

Plenty of manufacturers will also often bespoke builds where they work closer with the buyer to make it just to their liking. Long gone are the days when a hut was just used as an area for shelter and resting spot by a shepherd!

Why does a shepherd’s hut need a bathroom?

Buying a shepherd’s hut with a fully fitted bathroom is becoming a more and more common. It’s particularly popular for people looking to rent their hut out as a luxury holiday home, as a bed and breakfast retreat or even as an extra space for family living.

Some forward-thinking business people are even using shepherd’s huts as their office space or as a meeting space for clients, such as those with a beauty business or running a private physiotherapy clinic. For uses such as these, toilet facilities are often a necessity.

Other people buy a shepherd’s hut for the extra space and beautiful handcrafted, well-designed nature. For example, if you want to use the hut as a home office, garden chillout retreat or as a children’s playroom, toilet and shower facilities are not essential with buyers often wanting to put the space to better use.

Do all shepherd’s huts come with an en-suite toilet and bathroom?

It’s important to note that buying a shepherd’s hut with a bathroom doesn’t usually come as standard.

For a traditional, standard hut that follows more historic dimensions (usually 12ft x 6ft), they are just too small to fit in a fully functioning bathroom. In order to fit the extra features required for a self-contained shepherd’s hut – en-suite toilet, private shower, sink, plus small kitchen and double bed – huts have had to grow in size, becoming both longer and wider.  

To accommodate these new additions that make shepherd’s huts such sought after places, a hut will need to be at least 18ft in length by 7ft wide. This also means modern huts are much heavier than their predecessors and can weigh as much as five tonnes!

It might help to have a look at a few different size shepherd’s hut floor plans

What facilities do I want to fit into a shepherd’s hut bathroom?

A shepherd’s hut bathroom generally needs to have all the usual features you’d expect to find in a normal bathroom – just shrunken down a little bit and snuggly fitted into a 7ft by less than 3ft space! That’s plenty of room though, trust me!

The main items for your shepherd’s hut bathroom are:

  • Toilet (flushing or composting)
  • Sink basin
  • Shower
  • Towel rail
  • Extractor fan

The mechanics of how these features work will depend on where the hut is situated and if you have access to mains infrastructure and facilities, such as water, electric and sewage drains. If you do have the facilities available, then it shouldn’t be a problem for you (or someone in the know) to connect your shepherd’s hut bathroom to them.

How does a shepherd’s hut shower, sink and toilet work?

The toilet, shower and sink in your shepherd’s hut will work much in the same way as it does in a conventional home. However, it does require a little more thinking through, planning and power to run.

For an electric shower you’ll need a water feed and electric supply to heat up the water. An electric shower suitable for a shepherd’s hut will require a 32- or 64-amp supply. Pipework can lead the greywater from the shower and sinks off into an existing drain, nearby soakaway or even be recycled and reused elsewhere in the garden.

If you are to reuse greywater to water your garden or to let it runaway into a designated soakaway, it must be clear of chemcials, toxins and heavy grease. It must also be kept separate from toilet waste and fecal matter. If you’re interested in gardening, read this blog on how to rewild your garden.

For flushing toilets, a waste pipe outlet can be connected to existing sewage drains nearby or a self-contained sewage treatment unit on site.

If your hut is a little more isolated or if you want to consider more environmentally friendly ways to run your hut, or even go completely off-grid, they are all viable possibilities.

A mains water feed can be replaced by a water tank, you can generate your own electricity via photovoltaic panels on your roof and outside, and you can install a composting toilet in your shepherds hut to replace a flushing loo (composting toilets are probably much better these days than what you are imagining) – if you do make sure you buy some eco-friendly toilet paper too!

A shepherd’s hut with a bathroom is fantastic choice and not just for the practical reasons. It offers an element of en-suite luxury, as well as making the space fully self-contained – all vital points to succeed on the glamping market. It also demonstrates sublime engineering and manufacturing skills which can really make a place stand out.  

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