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Find Shepherd’s Huts for Sale in the UK

shepherds hut for sale uk blue pumphrey weston hut

So, you’re looking for a shepherd’s hut for sale? But where do you star

With shepherd’s hut growing so much in popularity recently, there are now lots of fantastic, well-crafted huts by independent makers available for sale. There are also many more waiting to be built if you’re looking for a brand new, bespoke hut.

From the Lake District and North East down to the South West where there are a large number of specialist hut manufacturers, you can find shepherd’s hut makers throughout the UK

This blog will run you through some of the main questions on huts, before splitting out where you can buy a shepherd’s hut from across the UK.

Buying a Shepherd’s Hut: Bespoke New vs Second Hand?

Price and budget are your first starting points.

From here, you’ll then be able to line up your wants and expectations with what’s possible and realistic. Your budget could get you bespoke build with everything you want, or you might have to make a few compromises, such as in size or whether you can afford one with a shower room and en-suite.

Looking for a second hand hut might also be a compromise you have to turn to, but this doesn’t mean lower quality by any means.

So, what can you get for your money?

Bespoke shepherd’s hut

You can buy a basic shepherd’s hut shell for as little as a few thousand pounds. This is your starting price. If you’re looking for the equivalent of a tiny home that’s all ready to go, you’re likely to pay a minimum of £15,000 all the way up to £40-50k for an all-singing, all-dancing variety. My blog on how much does a shepherd’s hut cost explains what you can expect to get for the money you have.

As a shepherd’s hut does retain its value, a bit like a house and not like a new car, there’s not a great deal of difference in price between buying a new or second hand hut. However, given this you will save a fair bit by not having a bespoke hut built from scratch. Buying a bespoke shepherd’s hut will mean that everything is expertly catered for your needs and any special additions can be factored in. Some people also like the idea of being the first people in the hut.

If a bespoke, brand new hut isn’t on your radar, either from a price point of view or if you prefer utilising an already existing resource, a second hand shepherd’s hut can be just as good.

shepherds hut for sale blue hut bu red sky shepherds hut
Hut from Red Sky Shepherd’s Huts – perfect for a garden office

You can buy second hand shepherd’s huts from the likes of Ebay and Preloved.

This is a good option if you’re looking for a quick buy (and not wait a couple of months for a new build) and are not too bothered about making the build fully customisable for you, but still get a high quality piece of kit.

That being said, I’m sure you can pick up a bargain price second hand shepherd’s hut on Ebay. But make sure you do your homework on which manufacturer built it and some of the more technical aspects that you can’t see, such as what kind of chassis has it got and is it fully insulated with a high quality eco-insulation.

Key FAQs when looking for a Shepherd’s Hut for Sale?

As I’m sure you know, shepherd’s huts are not small objects.

The smaller huts start from 10ft in length but the bigger huts can reach 30ft and weigh as much as five tonnes! Read these blogs on how much does a shepherd’s hut weigh and what does a shepherd’s hut floor plan look like for more information on size and weight.

Even with the smaller huts, you still need to carefully consider how it’s going to be transported from the place of sale to wherever you want it to go. If the seller is offering delivery – fantastic. Just make sure to enquire how much extra this costs first, as it’s unlikely to be a free service.  

If it’s a pick-up only job, then you’ll have to make plans and consider a few extra questions such as:

If it’s not fully mobile then your next step is putting it on some form of trailer. Even to be able to do this on a UK road, it must meet certain standards and be of a certain maximum width for it to be legal.

Once you have that sorted you can then turn your attention to where it will end up. A couple of key questions at this stage:

shepherds hut for sale in peak district riverside shepherd hut
Be inspired with this blog on outstanding shepherd’s hut interiors. Source: Riverside Shepherd’s Huts

Shepherd’s hut manufacturers

Now that you have those considerations under wrap, let’s have a look at where you can buy a shepherd’s hut from in the UK, handily split up into regions to limit transport needs where possible. Please note that none of the hut manufacturers or places of sale mentioned below have paid me to be mentioned and there are no affiliate links.

There are lots of shepherd’s hut manufacturers in the UK to choose from in 2020. The below list hopefully forms a satisfactory list and helps to shine a bit of light and love some very talented makers.

All of the hut builders mentioned offer superb quality huts in a range of sizes, finishes, unfurnished, with extras or built bespoke to your needs. You’ll find much more information and contact details on their websites.

If you’ve not had the chance to visit a hut before, check out this post on the best places to find a shepherd’s hut holiday and get one booked in.

Where to Buy a Shepherd’s Hut in the UK?

Shepherd’s huts for sale in the South West (Devon, Dorset, Somerset)

You can find plenty more information on shepherd’s huts for sale in the South West here or find a quick list below.

Shepherd’s huts for sale in the South East (Sussex, Essex, Oxfordshire and Norfolk)

Shepherd’s huts for sale in the Peak District and Midlands

Shepherd’s huts for sale in Wales

Find much more detail on shepherd huts for sale in Wales here or find a quick list below.

Shepherd’s huts for sale in North East (Yorkshire, Northumberland, Durham)

If you’re looking for shepherd’s huts for sale in Yorkshire and the North East you can take a look at this more detailed blog or view the quick list below.

Shepherd’s huts for sale in the North West & Lake District

Shepherd’s huts for sale in Scotland

Shepherd’s huts for sale in Ireland

From the list above, I hope you can find the ideal shepherd’s hut for sale for you. There are plenty of fantastic hut manufacturers to keep you busy on your research. If you can’t find the perfect hut plan, most hut makers will work with you to come up with something bespoke.

This list will be kept as up to date as possible to give you the best buying experience. If I’ve made any serious omissions with the hut makers or if you know of a shepherd’s hut builder who should be on there, please drop me a message.

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