Find a Shepherd’s Huts for Sale in the South West (Cornwall, Dorset, Devon, Somerset)

Known for its scrumpy, amazing scenery, the famous accent and the best music festival in the world, the South West is a very special region of England.

The South West is one of the largest but least populated regions of the England comprised of several counties, including Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire.

It’s a popular holiday resort thanks to its feeling of tranquillity, good weather (for England) and its extremely long coastline – the longest of any UK region. You can find plenty of fantastic shepherd’s hut holidays down here.

You may also see the term West Country used to describe the South West, and although there are several different definitions for the West Country, the two are largely the same. The South West also includes a number of major cities, such as Bristol and Bath, with plenty to see and do.

It’s also one the most popular places in England to find a specialist shepherd’s hut maker. The shepherd’s hut and the South West go hand in hand thanks to their liking for remoteness, peace and beautiful surroundings.

Shepherd’s Hut Builders in South West England

Here’s a quick-fire look at the shepherd’s hut builders working out of the South West of England. This list takes into account the hut manufacturers you can find in all regions of the South West, including Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire and the idyllic region of the Cotswolds.

If you’re interested in finding out more on any of these superb, skilled hut builders have a read below and give their website a visit. Please be sure to do your own due diligence and research before making any commitments.

If you’ve landed or navigated your way to the wrong page, take a look at the full list of builders and where you can find shepherd’s huts for sale UK, split up into region to make it nice and simple for you.  

  • Pumphrey and Weston
  • Cowley Shepherds Huts
  • Cotswolds Shepherds Huts
  • Horizon Shepherds Huts
  • The Dorset Hut Maker
  • Dorset Shepherds Huts
  • Heritage Shepherd Huts
  • Plankbridge Shepherd’s Huts
  • The Dartmoor Shepherd’s Hut Company
  • Oakleaf Shepherd’s Huts
  • Ashwood Shepherd Huts
  • Greendown Shepherd’s Huts
  • Blackdown Shepherd’s Huts
  • Plain Huts
  • Timeless Spaces

Shepherd’s Huts for Sale in Cornwall

Pumphrey and Weston

Attention to detail and sustainable, locally sourced materials are what helps Pumphrey and Weston to stand out. Founders Mike and Byron, plus the rest of the team create range of top-standard huts, varying from beautiful, handcrafted retreats to catering huts and home offices. All are made with the environment at the forefront. You can check out their eco credentials on

Their style, quality and ultra-clean finish make for some of the best-looking huts I have seen.

Visit their website here

Timeless Spaces

Built from scratch in Cornwall, Timeless Spaces offer two main types of shepherd’s huts for sale (their Fenton Hut and Lowen Hut). Each hut can be customised and there are a number of optional extras and features you can include.

Ran by Jake and his partner Beth, Timeless Spaces put plenty of family love and care into everyone of their builds.

Visit the website here

Cotswolds Shepherd’s Huts for Sale

shepherds huts for sale cotswolds
Source: Cotswold Shepherds Huts

Cotswold Shepherds Huts

Cotswold Shepherds Hut use the original 19th century huts for inspiration but with the modern day comforts you’d expect. The head at Cotswolds, Steve Hobbs, has a long history of being around carpentry and iron-wheeled vehicles ever since he was young, so producing top class shepherd’s huts now is almost in his blood.

All huts produced are individual, sustainable and an excellent investment for the future. Steve is also an expert in shepherd’s hut restoration.

Visit their website here

Cowley Shepherds Huts

Based in the heart of the Cotswolds, Cowley Shepherd’s Huts create original style builds at very realistic prices. Cowley stay true to the authentic hut making practices, using traditional materials where expected, such as the cladding and wheels, plus using reclaimed and sustainable wood for the inside flooring.

Take a look at their website here

cowley shepherds hut for sale in the cotswolds
Source: Cowley Shepherd’s Huts

Shepherd’s Huts for Sale in Devon

Horizon Shepherds Huts

Constructed in the fine county of Devon, Horizon Shepherds Huts make for a perfect luxury accommodation rental, home office or catering hut. Horizon is a family business with a firm background in building and carpentry to make sure your hut is in safe hands.

Horizon’s two most popular huts are The Hideaway and The Luxury Hut, but with plenty of specification extras, they can build to make hut unique to you.

Have a look around their website here  

Shepherd’s Huts for Sale in Dorset

dorset hut maker shepherds hut for sale in dorset
Source: The Dorset Hut Maker

The Dorset Hut Maker

Specialists in building shepherd huts for business use or pleasure, the Dorset Hut Maker combine fine craftsmanship and future vision to produce beautiful and practical creations. You can choose from either of two hut designs at the beginning to provide your basis, then customise from there to make it perfect for you.

David and his team use reclaimed and British grown timber where possible alongside utilising local businesses to provide the finishing touches.

Take a look at their site here

Dorset Shepherd Huts

Based on the edge of the New Forest, Dorset Shepherd Huts have been designing and building glorious huts since 2010.

Dorset Shepherd Huts can produce all manner of huts fully furnished but also have a great self-build option. With the self-build kit, the base, chassis and wheels are delivered ready to go and side panels made to attach yourself. You can source all the other bits and bobs to finish the hut as you like – perfect to test the water of a self-build.

Visit their site here

Heritage Shepherd Huts

heritage shepherd huts for sale in dorset
Source: Heritage Shepherd Huts

With a background in blacksmithing and restoration, Eddie Butterfield is the man behind Heritage Shepherd Huts. Eddie uses the same tools, practices and techniques from bygone times to handcraft each hut, which is full of character and charm.

There’s a genuine care and accountability for the environment from the Heritage Huts too with every part of the locally sourced timber being put to use. You can buy a new build hut or utilise Eddie’s restoration skills on an item of age that needs bringing to life.

See the Heritage website here

Plankbridge Shepherd’s Huts

Founded by Richard and his partner Jane, Plankbridge are a pioneering hut maker who ship their creations all over the world.

Influenced by Victorian hut makers, Plankbridge offer a wide range of designs plus a custom made section. All huts are expertly made to last for decades.

Take a look around their site here

The Dartmoor Shepherd’s Hut Company

dartmoor shepherds hut
Source: The Dartmoor Shepherd’s Hut Company

Based in the heart of Dartmoor National Park, where their name is taken from, The Dartmoor Shepherd’s Hut Company created hand-crafted luxury huts that are built to last.

The finish of the Dartmoor huts is exceptional. High spec bathrooms, double insulated throughout, unusual use of timbers and local woods, handmade sinks – this hut maker has it all going on.

The have a shepherd’s hut immediately available for sale on their website.

Have a look around the Dartmoor Shepherd’s Hut site here

Shepherd’s Huts for Sale in Gloucestershire

oakleaf shepherds hut for sale in gloucestershire
Source: Oakleaf Shepherd’s Huts

Oakleaf Shepherd’s Huts

Located in Cheltenham, Oakleaf are a family run business with a strict attention to detail and a high calibre finish. Solid oak is a predominant material that is used to make the window frames, doors,  flooring, skirting, roof beams and outdoor steps – real quality and full of character.

They have two main designs of hut that they built – the Classic and the Definitive – that can be customised and made unique to you from the basic plan.

Visit their website

Shepherd’s Huts for Sale in Somerset

greendown shepherds hut for sale in somerset
Source: Greenwood Shepherd’s Huts

Greendown Shepherd’s Huts

From their workshop is Saltford, Bath, Greendown build premium, bespoke huts with full versatility for whatever you envisage using your hut for. Whether you’re looking to develop a quirky place for a B&B stay, a glamping campsite addition or for your own private purposes, Greendown have you covered.

Head to their website for more information

Ashwood Shepherd Huts

Since 2000, Ashwood have built a good name for themselves and are now trusted builders for many customers and businesses over the UK, including the National Trust.

They specialise in creating exciting designs using a range of materials and products to provide different types of huts for the customer’s end goal. All the timber they use is Forest Stewardship Council approved.

They even produce a Shepherd’s Cabin!

Have a look around the Ashwood site

ashwood luxury shepherd hut for sale in somerset
Source: Ashwood Shepherd’s Huts

Blackdown Shepherd’s Huts

Established in 2011, Blackdown now produce a wide range of stunning shepherd huts for all occasions – beautiful retreats, self-builds, towable catering huts and even double brace huts.

They produce their huts from a large workshop in Somerset with a big team on hand to cater for all your needs.

Visit the Blackdown Shepherd’s Hut website

Shepherd’s Huts for Sale in Wiltshire

Plain Huts

Found on the Salisbury Plain, hence the name, there isn’t anything plain about these huts.

Plain Huts specialise in producing beautiful but functional shepherd’s huts using fantastic craftsmanship and wonderful materials, such as the Western Red Cedar cladding. They create 3 main basic sized huts that can then be adapted to suit you perfectly.

Take a look around their site here

And there we have it – plenty of specialist Shepherd’s Huts makers in and around the South West for you to take a look at. The South West is a haven for shepherd’s hut builders so you’re not short of choice in the likes of Cornwall, the Cotswolds, Dorset, Devon and Somerset.

If there’s any hut makers in the South West that deserve a place on the list, get in touch and let me now.

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