Shepherd’s Huts Information Hub

The shepherd’s hut – compact, simple and unassuming from the outside, yet an embodiment of magnificent design, skilled manufacturing and creative vision.

The hut has come a long way from the humble beginnings as a farmer’s place of rest in the field to the fantastic array of shepherd’s huts we have on offer today. Each hut has a uniqueness and quality to it that makes it a special place for both the owner and visitor.

A shepherd’s hut can now present itself in many different ways – a quirky but luxury holiday stay, a rustic off-grid hut, an office space for remote working, a business opportunity and, for some, a permanent home. There are many more uses of a shepherd’s hut too, making them such a versatile and useful space.

This page aims to be an informational hub for all things shepherd’s hut. From finding manufacturers who build huts from scratch to places where you can find second hand shepherd’s huts for sale and superb shepherd’s huts for you to visit as a holiday.

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For the curious, you’ll also find in-depth information and blogs on the more basic aspects of a shepherd’s hut, from how much does a shepherd’s hut weigh, what different hut floor plans look like to information on planning permission, chassis, cast iron wheels and much more. You’ll even find a couple of personal reviews from my trips to shepherd huts around the UK.

I’ve split this page up into handy sections to make it easy for you to navigate around and find what you’re looking for. The table of contents looks like this:

  • Shepherd’s hut basics
  • Building a shepherd’s hut and the parts
  • Buying a shepherd’s hut – new or second hand
  • Shepherd’s hut holidays
  • Using a shepherd’s hut for work and business

Shepherd’s Hut A-Z on all you need to know

If you are interested in shepherd’s huts you might want to bookmark this page as plenty more information will continue to be added here. Thank you and enjoy the shepherd’s hut information hub.

Shepherd’s Hut Basics

Building a Shepherd’s Hut and the Shepherd’s Hut Parts

brosterfield berties retreat shepherd hut

Buying a Shepherd’s Hut – New or Second Hand

Shepherd’s Hut Holidays

woodland shepherds hut retreat holiday

Using a Shepherd’s Hut for Work and Business

If there’s anything on shepherd’s huts you feel that I haven’t covered but you’d like to know about, please get in touch and let me know.

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