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27 Tiny House Interior Designs To Inspire You in 2021


    A tiny house interior can be a pandora’s box of wonderful vision, ingenious design and the highest quality craftsmanship.

    From the outside, although stunning to look at, you can perhaps be forgiven for expecting a cupboard-like or box-room interior once you open the door. Although the stature and dimensions may be limiting, thought and standards are not.   

    You’ll usually find a tiny house in an idyllic countryside spot with access to rambling walks, gurgling streams and calming nature. This all adds to the charm you can find on the inside.

    What are tiny homes used for?

    In the UK many tiny homes are used as luxury holiday lets on the glamping and quirky accommodation market. For couples, small families and solo travellers, they make for a perfect, relaxing retreat.

    As well as this, more and more tiny homes are being used for full-time living. The property market is a tough one to enter these days, so some people are breaking the mold and opting to go a different route, bagging themselves in the process a much cheaper, cost-effective and tranquil setting. With the rise in remote working careers and working from home opportunities, a WiFi connection and a laptop (and maybe a coffee machine) are all people need to earn a full-time living from the comfort of their own home.

    Whatever your purpose for owning or visiting a tiny home, there are some truly breathtaking interior designs out there. So whether you’re looking for some small home inspiration, interior design tips or just here for a nosey to see what it’s all about, we can all appreciate the beauty of the tiny home interiors below.

    Tiny house interior design ideas

    Unlike say a shepherd’s hut interior design which has to abide by a certain rectangular shape and size (usually 7ft by 12-24ft), tiny homes come in all sorts of little packages, forms and arrangements. From log cabins and trailers, to shipping containers, tree houses and even river boats, all can be classed as a ‘tiny home’.

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    The only restriction really is the maximum size generally considered to be classed a ‘tiny house’, which is under 400 square feet. For tiny mobile houses, this size is smaller still at around 200 square feet.  

    This means that tiny homes have a lot more room (so to speak) for different layouts and design features, including the footprint, use of lofted space, window positioning and other clever techniques to make the most of the space.

    When designing a tiny home or just a small living space there are a few crucial aspects to bear in mind:   

    • Where will the windows go? Natural light is incredibly important for your health and wellbeing, plus your collection of indoor house plants
    • What kind of artificial light is needed?
    • What kind of materials and resources you want to use? –  Preferably sustainable and eco-friendly
    • Is your tiny home a full-time living space or holiday accommodation?
    • Have you made the most of the vertical wall space? Perhaps a mezzanine floor or similar type of lofted area?
    • Can chunky furniture fold away or be tucked somewhere neatly? Is there other customised storage?
    • Neutral colours and use of textures help expand a space
    • Be resourceful – do areas of your tiny home have multi-purpose and use so there isn’t any ‘dead’ space?

    27 of the best tiny house interior designs

    Now you’ve got an idea of some of the considerations for tiny home design, here are 27 of the best tiny home interiors I’ve seen. Please note, I’ve linked back to the original image source so you can have a closer look at these amazing designs and their extremely talented creators where known.

    #1 – 7: Milly’s House, Baldock, UK

    tiny eco home living space
    tiny eco home log burner
    tiny eco home bedroom interior
    tiny eco home bedroom design interior
    tiny eco home chill out interior
    tiny eco home design interior
    tiny eco home kitchen interior

    A simply stunning fully mobile, eco-house currently based down in Baldock, Hertfordshire.

    Milly’s House has been operating as a luxury glamping getaway spot in the Eco-Tourism sector. Featuring a cosy log burner, fully functioning kitchen, large shower and composting toilet, you’ve got everything you need! This stunning off-grid tiny home is actually for sale right now on Ebay for £38,000.

    Source: Take a closer look at Milly’s House for sale on Ebay.

    #8 – 10: Tiny Eco Homes UK, Northumberland, UK

    tiny eco homes uk downstairs interior
    tiny eco homes uk bedroom lofted space

    Tiny Eco Homes UK produce fully mobile tiny homes and have been at the forefront of the movement in the UK since 2009.

    From their North East workshop in Northumberland, they now build custom designed tiny homes for people in the UK and Europe.


    #11 – 15: Modern Tiny Living, Ohio, USA

    modern tiny living tiny home interior
    modern tiny living tiny home interior
    modern tiny living tiny home interior
    modern tiny living tiny home bedrrom
    modern tiny living tiny home interior chill out

    Based in Columbus, Ohio, Modern Tiny Living is the brainchild of three childhood friends.

    They now produce a whole range of tiny homes of different shapes and sizes that are all things of beauty in their own rights. Their modern touch makes each home feel stylish, contemporary and extremely livable!


    #16 – 17: The Nest House by Tiny House Scotland

    tiny home scotland indoors
    tiny home scotland indoors birds eye view

    Measuring 3.4m wide, the NestHouse is the sublime result of the work by Tiny House Scotland, run by Jonathan Avery who designs and builds tiny houses with the highest quality in mind. Even better, Jonathan is passionate about green, sustainable design and architecture, meaning his tiny houses really do put the environment at the forefront.  


    #18 – 20: Tinywood Homes, Warwickshire, UK

    tiny wood home
    tiny wood home inside and outside
    tiny wood home hot tub at night

    Based in Warwickshire, Tinywood Homes create beautiful homes for those seeking a luxury break with a range of tiny homes available to rent out: from the ‘teeny weeny’ sleeping two, up to bigger family pads sleeping 8.


    #21 – 22: Brosterfield Farm Shepherd’s Hut, Peak District, UK

    brosterfield berties retreat shepherd hut
    brosterfield berties retreat shepherd hut

    It was the first tiny home I stayed in and still one of the best to date.

    Based in Foolow in the Peak District, Brosterfield Farm produce the highest quality huts thanks to supreme skill and fantastic materials used. In a space less than 150 sq ft, you’ve got everything you need to live.


    #23 – 24: Woodsy Shipping Container, Austin, USA

    woodsy converted shipping container tiny house
    woodsy converted shipping container

    This once old rusty shipping container has now been converted into a breathtakingly beautiful, super modern home available to rent down near Austin in Texas. The inside footprint measures 320 sq ft, packed out with a lounge area, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

    Source: Tiny home interiors on Pinterest

    #25 – 27: Mint Tiny House Company, Vancouver, Canada

    Last but by no means least, to the contrary in fact, we have Mint Tiny House Company, based in Vancouver, Canada.

    Mint produce a premium range of tiny house RV’s that look so fresh and inviting – I’m not sure if it’s the fresh herb that inspired the name or the Manchester term for great, either way both work! These off-grid ready tiny homes can be as big as 34ft long, 8.5ft wide and sleep six people. Absolutely perfect.


    As you can see the small and compact can produce the sublime and stunning. I hope these tiny house interior designs have provided some inspiration for you. Check out this Tiny House Interiors board on Pinterest for further ideas and inspiration.

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