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Top 5 Tips for Those Who Want to Start a Career in Sustainability & Environmental Field

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Are you looking for tips to get a job in the sustainability sector or environmental field? Jooble UK have written this post to help you get started in this rewarding area. 

 Our planet is always in need of those willing to help. With climate change and the current crises we’re facing, everyone needs to play their part. 

Websites such as Jooble are working towards finding careers that have the most impact. You can take the first steps as an environmental manager, run projects that create eco-friendly workplaces, or even help with cleaning up your city. There’s so much work to be done, but getting paid for it can be a great motivator. 

Here are a few tips on how to get a job in sustainability and the environmental field.  

1) Volunteer work 

If you want to begin the process of getting involved, volunteer work is where to start. There are thousands of projects in the UK that are working towards protecting our environment. From picking up litter in the streets to large scale projects such as rewilding

If you prove yourself in your commitment, you may be able to take on more responsibilities. This can lead to you running your own projects where you can get paid for the work you put in. For example, this can be from government funding who pay the workers on projects approved by them.  

You can look for volunteer work at your local charities and organisations. Their websites can advertise if they need any volunteers to help out. Here, you may also find information on how to help in other areas. They may even offer advice on how to become more environmentally friendly in your own home. 

Make sure the charity or organisation you are looking into specialises in environmental work. While it is perfectly fine to help other charity causes, this is not how you build a career in this sector.  

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2) Environmental job boards 

The best places to look for paid work are through job sites like Jooble. You can find opportunities from those who specialise in the environmental field through the search engine.

Job boards will post advertisements for those in need of special skills. These skills will then be put to use in the name of helping the planet. If you want to look for more specific work in this field, check the respective websites. Make sure to check in regularly so you don’t miss out on any exciting work opportunities.  

Environmental Jobs UK is a website dedicated to finding such work. They report and post jobs in numerous fields such as nature reserves, city centers and workplaces. These jobs are looking for a variety of skills that you can bring to the table.

For example, if you have specific knowledge in the sciences, you might be perfect as an advisor for preservation. Sites like Greenjobs are also good places to look through for environmental work. They even look for internships which make for great gateways into paid jobs.   

3) You Don’t Always Need a Degree 

With many jobs connected to helping the planet, paid work often involves science and business. However, you don’t always need a high-profile degree to find work in this area. 

As mentioned earlier, volunteer work is a great way to get real experience. You can prove your dedication and perseverance with your volunteering experience. If you pick up enough litter, you can work towards becoming a recycling officer. One thing can always lead to another, so it is best to be patient.  

4) Make the most of University 

If you are a university student, there are many ways you can help. 

Depending on your degree, there are so many things to learn about our planet and things to do to help. Not to mention that, once again, there is a lot of volunteer work at unis that you can sign up for. 

Some universities even let students start their clubs or groups. If you base a new club around protecting the environment, it is a great extracurricular activity and talking point to put on your CV to demonstrate you taking action.  

5) Pay may not be great, but the work truly matters 

Generally speaking, many jobs in environment protection don’t have high starting salaries. While there is still a lot of money you can make from it, this type of work can make you rich in other ways.

If you want to find high-paying jobs for this work, you may need to work up to more senior roles. These can be jobs like an Environmental Manager or director of a company. 

Many smaller projects get small funds from donations, so they may not have enough to pay the regular workers a lot. However, remember that what you are doing will matter in the long run – protecting the planet to create a happier future for a new generation.  

Remember to Help Where You Can 

These tips will give you the right mindset in crafting a career in helping the planet.

But you don’t always have to volunteer or get a job to do your part. Remember you can still recycle, make sustainable choices, conserve energy and even donate money if you’re able. Little things matter.

Thank you to Jooble UK for providing this blog.

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