Sustainable Living

Explore in-depth and informative blogs on sustainable living and how to live a more eco friendly life. As this is a UK-based blog, all information given is tailored to the UK. I hope these eco-focussed blog posts can help you on your journey to green living.

beer bottle tops recyclable

Are Beer Bottle Caps Recyclable?

You know that the glass bottle can be recycled but are the beer bottle caps recyclable too? Find out all the info on metal beer bottle top recycling here.

is the wwf a good charity

Is The WWF A Good Charity?

The WWF is one of the most recognisable charities in the world. Here’s a look at the pros and cons, and if the World Wildlife Fund is a good charity to donate to.

ethical consumer magazine uk on table

Q&A with Ethical Consumer Magazine UK

I spoke with Ethical Consumer magazine about consumer ethics changes, how their work fits in a modern world, greenwashing and the top tips to become an ethical consumer. Read all here.