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Voyager Coffee Review: Biodegradable Packaging, Traceable, Quality Coffee

voyager coffee compostable packaging bag

Coffee is a close friend of mine. Good coffee that is.

So, I was nothing short of delighted when a family member bought me a lovely little Voyager craft coffee package for a recent celebration.

I hadn’t heard of Voyager Coffee before, probably because I’m based up North and they are down in the South West, but I was excited by their product. Although distant in location, we come together in values.

Their mission is simple – to roast the best coffee in the UK and to get rid of single-use plastics within the coffee industry.

Spot on.

Even before I opened the coffee bag, I was impressed with the high standard, well-crafted packaging. The outside cardboard packaging, which happens to be fully compostable, had two further boxes containing the coffee goods:

  • Los Pirineos single origin
  • Nomad speciality blend

We’ll get on to these coffees shortly, but first let me explain a little more about Voyager themselves.

Voyager – Craft Coffee Specialists

Voyager Coffee as a speciality coffee roaster based in Devon, just on the edge of Dartmoor National Park.

It’s this rural setting that has inspired Voyager to source truly sustainable coffee from across the world, which is hand roasted in Devon and packed into 100% environmentally friendly packaging.

The packaging is completely different from the usual plasticky coffee bags.

Voyager use biodegradable coffee bags made from plants. To be a bit more precise, the bags are made from the starches of plants, such as corn, sugarcane and beets. They even feel nicer and more natural to touch.

voyager coffee packaging made from plant starch
Voyager’s packaging is 100% plant based and biodegradable. Source: Voyager Coffee

Producing this type of material requires less energy than traditional packaging production, meaning it has a smaller carbon footprint. When you’ve brewed all the coffee, the bags can be put in the compost heap to then enrich your soil.

Even more, Voyager has sourced compostable boxes, labels, glue and ink, meaning nothing has to go to landfill and your whole delivery can eventually go safely and positively back into the earth – just brilliant. You can read more on recycling coffee bag in general here.

It’s Voyager’s quest to not only source and roast the best coffee out there but take full responsibility in how they packaged this top quality product up to ensure it’s entirely sustainable and eco-friendly. It’s impressive and admirable and makes Voyager different.

This is also fantastic for the eco-conscious customers out there who want to enjoy quality products that aren’t to the detriment of the environment.

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Fully Traceable Coffee From Farmer to Roaster

voyager coffee next to murphy dog
Voyager got Murphy’s seal of approval. Source: Tinyecohomelife

Customers like to know the details of a product nowadays. Transparency is important. This includes where the coffee is produced, the actual farm it comes from, what are the conditions like, are workers being paid fairly, are the plants grown organically.

Voyager provide all these details for their customers. When you’re buying coffee from the supermarket, you might be lucky to get a country of origin. Voyager provide the actual farm where the coffee was grown and harvested. That’s what you call traceable. With this level of transparency, you can be sure that the coffee is produced sustainably and fairly.

Once the coffee is imported to the South West of England, Voyager hand roast the beans in their Genio 30kg coffee roaster or use the 15kg roaster for smaller batches.

You can have a look at the Voyager video below

Voyager Coffees – Los Pirineos and Nomad

On to the coffees.

My package contained two award-winning coffees Los Pirineos from Central America and Nomad, a blend of three coffees from Central America, South America and Africa.

My coffee was the already ground type ready for a reusable coffee filter, V60 or French press cafetiere.

Not short of the details, you can get the names of the individual coffee farms just below.

Los Pirineos Coffee – El Salvador

voyager coffee eco friendly coffee compostable packaging
Los Pirineos, El Salvador single origin coffee. Source: Tinyecohomelife

Los Pirineos is a sublime single origin coffee from the Tecapa volcanic region of Usulutan in El Salvador.

The Los Pirineos farm is run by Gilberto Baraona, a speciality coffee producer and exporter, and serial winner of the Cup of Excellence in El Salvador. The coffee farm has been in the Baraona family since 1880. Because of the farms desire for serious quality, all employees are paid well above the minimum wage.   

After growing in the rich volcanic soils, the coffee is harvested by hand and dried out using the rare Black Honey process. Once pulped by hand and soaked in water, the beans are dried on shade beds where they are moved four times a day over almost three weeks. This very delicate drying process is crucial for the beans to absorb the right flavours. Due to its precision and high demands on labour intensity, Black Honey is also the most complex way to produce speciality coffee. The speciality of the speciality.

The result is a rich, full-bodied delicious coffee brimming with flavours of sweet stone fruit including fig and plum. Just the type of cup I like.

This coffee has won numerous awards to stake its claim as one of the best speciality coffees.

Read more about Los Pirineos here –

Nomad – Premium Coffee Blend

Nomad is one of Voyager’s exploratory seasonal blends. It combines coffee beans from various parts of the world – San Antonio in Guatemala, Narino Co-Op in Colombia and Kayon Mountain in Ethiopia.

The roast is kept light resulting in fruity and slightly floral blend with great depth and tasting notes of chocolate and blueberry.

In 2019, Nomad received 3-Star Great Taste awards, showing just how good a blend this coffee is.

Read more about Nomad here –

Nomad and Los Pirineos El Salvador award-winning coffees in compostable boxes
Nomad and Los Pirineos El Salvador award-winning coffees. Source: Voyager Coffee

Voyager Coffee review wrap up

For my Voyager brews I went with the cafetière for all and each was a sheer delight. I made sure I composted the coffee grounds afterwards too.

I could almost taste Gilberto Baraona’s coffee passion imprinted on each bean alongside Voyager’s environmentally friendly, hand-roasted, more-than-just-quality-coffee approach. Knowing these important facts made each cup all the more enjoyable as I sat down to savour a brew over a good second hand book.

Enhorabuena a Voyager! Next on the list for me from their selection is the Kenyan single origin, East Timor and Road Trip.

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